Amanda is an Astrological consultant and writer using Colour and Astrology, a combination of two ancient systems of wisdom. On this site you can find updates on the collective Astrology, as the movement of the planets is mirrored by developments on a collective level. When used wisely Astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding more about ourselves, transforming our challenges and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Colour and Astrology consultations can help you lift your energy and vibration, re-connecting with magic and joy. We look at current life issues, including career changes, issues at work, love and partnerships and any challenges in relationship to oneself and other people. Astrology provides a higher perspective on what is happening in our lives and can help you flow through challenges or unexpected events with more ease and grace. A Colour and Astrology consultation is also a spiritual re-orientation, giving guidance and an understanding of your soul’s purpose.

Colour and Astrology is a unique combination that involves heart and mind, the intuitive and the rational, providing deep insight as well as the tools for healing. Often what we already know to be true inside ourselves is confirmed and with this affirmation and support we can be open to new opportunities and truly live the life we were born to live.

Here you will also find information about my upcoming workshops and Colour and Astrology Italian Retreats.

If you feel a consultation or series of sessions would be helpful you can find out more here.

Thank you for the wonderful, powerful, insightful session.