I hope you will enjoy exploring this site where you can findamanda_welcome updates about Astrology on a collective level, details of workshops and retreats along with recent posts from my Facebook page.

This site is about Colour, Astrology and Numerology, ancient systems and codes to help us understand more about our inner nature. When we make our inner world conscious we can begin to live with more ease and grace. My intention is to help you develop a deep understanding of yourself and your soul’s purpose. In the consultation we look at current life issues, including career changes, issues at work, love and partnerships and any challenges in relationships to oneself and other people.

“The goal of astrology is the alchemy of personality. It is to transform chaos into cosmos, collective human nature into individual and creative personality.” Dane Rudhyar

Bridging different worlds, such as the UK and Italy, the alternative and the academic, I bring a unique perspective and understanding to my work with people.

Colour and Astrology is a unique combination, that links heart and mind, the intuitive and the intellectual, providing deep insight as well as the tools for healing. Often Colour and Astrology can be an affirmation of what we know to be true and with this support we can be open to new opportunities and fully live the life we were born to live.

If you’re curious about how a session could help you, please find out more here.

Thank you for the wonderful, powerful, insightful session.