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The combination of Colour and Astrology is a spiritual marriage of ancient wisdom, a blend of the emotional and intuitive, heart and head. My intention is to help you develop a deep understanding of yourself and your soul's purpose and find clarity, detachment and empowerment. 
This is not to deny suffering, but to find meaning and purpose within it that makes it easier to accept and handle. Opening to the magic and wonder of the ancient mysteries of Colour and Astrology brings new inspiration and helps you re-connect with your joy and passion for life. 
I share my time between the UK where I do in-person consultations and a special place in Monte Amiata, southern Tuscany, a gorgeous, fertile valley of olive fields and vineyards that has a real feeling of space and expansiveness. To me this is a perfect place to find healing, a Garden of Eden where we can bring heaven to earth. You can visit us here to retreat, explore and experience all that Italy has to offer, along with Colour and Astrology consultations and workshops. I also run occasional Colour and Astrology Italian retreats to help you shine your light into the world. 
Astrology is a way to tap into the planetary energies to expand our consciousness so we're empowered to create the best future for ourselves. Equipped to understand and process life lessons we can move more quickly through the challenges we face, shifting course and flowing in response to the development of events.
Colour and Astrology provide the keys for this alchemy of the soul, enabling us to shift our consciousness and continually create change and new opportunities, so we can fully live the life we were born to live.

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