Colour and Astrology of Relationships

Colour and Astrology of Relationships

Event Start Date:
January 12, 2019
Event End Date:
January 12, 2019
Event Venue:
South Hams, Devon

Would you like to explore a relationship with a loved one, maybe a partner, spouse, child, family member or friend? To get to the bottom of a challenge you’re experiencing in this relationship and find ways of working through this? Would you like to lift the energy of this relationship so you’re both able to appreciate and accept each other for who you both are?

This experiential workshop will involve visualisation, exercises and play with Colour and promises to be supportive, healing and fun. It will also be insightful and transformative and involve in-depth assessment of the challenges you’re experiencing in the relationship using Astrology. Each participant will have some personal in-depth work on their relationship through colour and the birth charts. You will also be introduced to relationship Astrology: how you look at the connection between two charts (synastry) and also relationship charts (composites).

The workshop will take place on Saturday 12th January from 9.30am till 5pm in the South Hams, Devon.

You will need to provide your birth details and also the birth details of the person you would like to explore the relationship with: date, place (nearest large town or city) and time (as close as possible).

The cost for the workshop is £90.

Best reserve your place early as the workshop will be for a maximum of 6 participants to allow time for the in-depth work with each person. You can get in touch by email via:

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