Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions

A Colour and Astrology session is about understanding more about your inner self and re-framing challenging experiences. It's about expansion of consciousness and spiritual guidance, using Colour and Astrology to show you what your soul wants. A session gives you inspiration about possibilities for your future and often brings confirmation. It's more about planning than prediction. In a Colour and Astrology consultation we look at current life issues, including career changes, issues at work, love and partnerships and any challenges in relationship to oneself and other people.


My reading has provoked a really solid and fundamental acceptance of who I am and what my purpose is. I woke up today and for the first time ever, truly and on all levels realised that I enjoy being me and different and it’s OK! It was very empowering and has simply confirmed almost everything spirit have told me or shown me.

Colour and Astrology sessions can help you to:


  • Navigate a period of stress or challenge in your life
  • Gain more information and guidance around making important choices
  • Discover more about your soul's purpose and what your soul wants
  • Develop your gifts and abilities
  • Clarify what a relationship represents to you
  • Resolve and balance out relationship issues
  • Receive energy support and healing
  • Release stress and improve health
  • Gain meaning and perspective around challenging events
  • Find more peace and healing
  • Become the true you

Arranging a session

Consultations work equally well by Skype or in person. 

I will need your birth date, time (as close as possible) and place (nearest large town or city) and I calculate and prepare your Astrology chart in advance.

Readings can be done without a birth time, but it’s worth trying to find out a rough time of day if you can’t find out the exact time.

I will also ask you to choose some Colour Mirrors bottles the evening before or the morning of the session and to email or message me what you’ve chosen.

Colour, Astrology and Numerology Consultation

This in-depth consultation consists of a combination of interpretation and counselling for guidance, clarification and insight to help you make choices, deal with challenges and understand what's going on for you on an astrological level. The reading is done in the light of current transits and progressions.

The first session lasts 1 1/4 hours and is £65.00. Follow-up sessions are also available. Get in touch

Follow-up Colour and Astrology Consultations

In a follow-up session we explore your birth chart in more depth. Colour and Astrology provide an incredibly rich source of information and there's always more to discover. Our spiritual journey is a lifelong process of learning and growth and the energetic support of the colour bottles can be very supportive.

Having a follow-up session can be a lovely way of celebrating your birthday or the coming New Year to prepare and create the best future for yourself.

Follow up sessions cost £55 and last an hour. Get in touch

Series of Colour and Astrology Sessions

Maybe you are experiencing major changes or challenges or are going through an accelerated period of spiritual growth and a series of sessions can provide extra support, insight and guidance.

A series of 3 sessions over a period of a few months are available at a special price of £150. The first session is 1 1/4 hours and the following two sessions are an hour long. Get in touch

Relationship Reading

Colour and Astrology can be extremely helpful in relationships and a consultation can be done for couples or for parents and children. A reading can give an overview of the relationship and its purpose, shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship as well as bring more harmony and understanding.

In a relationship reading I explore each person’s chart to understand their patterns, childhood issues and what they are looking for or expecting in a relationship. Then I explore the compatibility and connections (or synastry) between the birth charts and also interpret the relationship itself (or composite).

A relationship reading is also a wonderful experience when celebrating a relationship, such as when you are getting married as a preparation for your life together and to build intimacy, understanding and appreciation.

A relationship reading lasts 1 ½ hours and costs £70.00. Get in touch

Child’s Reading

Using Astrology helps us to understand our children better, support their needs and appreciate their gifts and qualities. Colour and Astrology is a wonderful tool to help teenagers to make career choices.

These readings last ¾ hour and cost £40.00. Please enquire about written Astrology readings. Get in touch