Astrology of Autumn 2015

Astrology of Autumn 2015

After the challenges associated with the eclipses of September there was a rush of energy once Mercury turned direct on 10th October. On the 11th October Venus met the North node in Libra. This represents divine destiny and alignment with our higher path.

Through October we have a trine between Jupiter and Pluto, which is about regeneration, empowerment and rebirth. The time between the 16th and 21st October will be especially positive with a meeting of Mars and Jupiter in Virgo, bringing energy, drive and enthusiasm. This is gives a real boost to anyone with planets around 14 degrees of Virgo.

From the 24th October the Sun drops down into Scorpio and Mercury moves out of the retrograde shadow. This brings more clarity and is positive for intimacy and depth. From this time until the end of October Venus and Jupiter meet in Virgo, exact on 26th October. This brings joyful connection and exuberance!

Then on the 27th October we have the Full Moon and Supermoon at 3 degrees of Taurus, bringing heightened energy and calling us to be grounded about money and connect to nature. Moon in Taurus is a fixed sign so there may be a desire to keep things as they are, but the Sun in Scorpio is inviting us to shed old skins, take emotional risks and dive into a new adventure!

This is olive harvest time in Tuscany. I’m hoping for a few dry, warm days so that we can enjoy the picking and get the olives to the press while they are as fresh as possible!

Jupiter will be travelling through Virgo until September 2016. This is a time when we’re attracted to what is pure, light and clear and Jupiter supports us to discriminate, discern, clear out the old and get organised.

I’ve been writing about what’s happening on a collective level. To find out more about exploring your own unique birth chart or to arrange personal or group training in Colour Mirrors and/or Astrology do get in touch.

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