Astrology of Autumn 2016

Astrology of Autumn 2016

Choosing Inner Freedom

The current collective Astrology is about staying calm, peaceful and balanced as much as possible after the shifts and changes associated with September’s eclipses along with some continuing volatility. With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Libra there may be decisions to be weighed up and choices to be made, especially in relationships. Mars travelling through Capricorn till 10th November brings a productive, determined and ambitious influence, makingthis a good time to pour our energy into developing and launching new projects and initiatives.

The Aries Full Moon at 4.24 UK time on the 16th September sits next to revolutionary Uranus and Eris. This brings awakening, energy shifts, personal breakthroughs and a pioneering quality, along with some possible anger and conflict. This is the energy of the ‘I Am’, the spirit of the Goddess breaking free. Through October the oppositions and square to Uranus from the Sun, Mercury and Mars bring further revelations and shifts.

Venus in Scorpio has been conjunct Black Moon Lilith, bringing up emotional intensity and deep feelings, the highest potential being passion, loyalty and unconditional love, but resentment and feelings of betrayal may also be triggered. We’re currently living through times of re-balancing the outraged and exiled feminine and those who have had to walk their talk in what often seems like a toxic world. However it’s best not to be too black and white and to think solely in terms of men versus women. This is about integrating the masculine and feminine within us all and can also be about healing the hurt ‘anima’ in men. Stuff comes up so we can see it and heal it, not so we retreat further into the hurt.

Mars in Capricorn is a patriarchal energy and it meets Pluto for the final time on the 19th October, bringing a sense of release, culmination of ambition and completion. This is about transforming the barriers and boundaries that have limited us in the area of our chart that it touches. The same day Venus moves into Sagittarius, bringing a lightening and lifting of the emotional energy. These combined influences make 19th October quite a turning point.

Then on the 10th November Mars breaks out into Aquarius, bringing a breath of fresh air and a sense of freedom from control. It feels like a sigh of relief and being able to reap the rewards of all our effort and hard work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We also need to focus on unity and togetherness, a group support. Rather than a feeling of separation this can be an inner freedom from the patterns and issues that may otherwise hold us back.

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