Astrology of Spring 2016

Astrology of Spring 2016

On a collective level we’ve had a period of challenge and transition over the last few years since 2012. But now we find ourselves in a position where we can start to put the plans and ideas into action that we’ve had on the back burner. In terms of Numerology the year 2016 is a number 9, the red Mars bottle in Colour Mirrors, the colour healing system I work with, and the message is about pushing ahead and taking action.

Focus on joy
Almost all the planets are moving forward now, including innovative Uranus striding through dynamic Aries. Saturn will be travelling through Sagittarius over the next couple of years and this puts the focus on education, travel, religion and and growth. It’s about exploring beliefs and sharing our truth. Now we can find and live our true vocation. Something you may need to watch out for is not getting too caught up in your version of the truth and making sure you focus on joy when life can become rather serious or concerning at times.

Keep your energy lifted!
Pluto is just over halfway through its journey through serious Capricorn and this brings rather heavy, intense energy at times. It’s about transforming structures and releasing resistance on a collective level, but often the process of clearing heavy energy involves bringing it out into the open first. Try and keep your energy lifted even when this might seem a bit of a challenge!

Making your dreams reality
Both Neptune and Chiron are still in watery Pisces and will be immersed in this sign for some years to come. On the positive side this brings idealism, dreams, great compassion, along with heightened spiritual or artistic focus. However on the downside these placements can lead to floods of emotion even emotional overwhelm, maybe feelings of powerlessness or sadness at times. The on-going square between Saturn and Neptune can also contribute to some of these feelings, although the positive expression of this is about eroding boundaries, making dreams reality, feelings of unconditional love and oneness.

Putting your plans into action
The key is to trust and part of the solution also lies in Jupiter’s journey through earthy Virgo. It’s about being grounded and practical, putting plans into action, thinking small and acting local. It’s about being realistic and taking things step-by-step, focusing on what we can do to help and then following through rather than just talking about it!

Spotlight on your health and well-being
Jupiter in Virgo also puts the spotlight on health, supporting your body and taking the steps that will improve your health and general well being. It’s at times like this that we need to be grateful for and put our health first. It becomes clear that this is where our true wealth lies.

At the moment Jupiter sits next to the north node in Virgo, another sign that on a collective level we need to do instead of just dream and put our skills into use. We just need to accept the gifts and the guidance with both hands and follow through.

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