Astrology of Summer 2015

Astrology of Summer 2015

The lead-in to the summer solstice weekend has been high energy, exciting and hectic with a celebratory meeting of Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Leo due on Saturday 20th June. This is about following our heart’s delight and passion, and gives us an opportunity to really open our hearts, although the strong heart energy may also bring up any unresolved grief or sadness. This happy, upbeat and abundant influence continues till the end of the month and on the 1st July the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter becomes exact.

The current conjunction between the Sun and Mars in Gemini brings changes, new ideas, new people and new projects into our lives, though the strong push that Mars brings can mean we get cranky or impatient at times.

Expansive Jupiter is trine Uranus for the month of June and for part of July. This opens the door to change and brings new aspects of self-expression, rather like the energy of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card.

Neptune turned retrograde on 12th June, bringing a more contemplative energy, particularly with the current square between Mercury and Neptune. This encourages us to go within and to devote time to our spiritual journey and inner quest. It also puts the emphasis on imagination and multi-dimensional consciousness. However it could also lead to some confusion or a scattering of energy, particularly during June when there’s so much going on.

Saturn has also retrograded back into Scorpio till 19th September, giving us a 6-week period to deal with unfinished business, re-visit the challenges of the last few years since 2012 with an upbeat frame of mind, wrap up and complete. Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception again and both retrograde through June and July, so there could still be deep-rooted issues and challenges to address.

Mars moves into Leo on 9th August till 26th September, bringing another energy boost and encouraging us to put our focus on creativity, flair and self-expression. Early August is known as the Lion’s Gate, a time of manifestation and empowerment and this year we have an extra emphasis on Leo as well as the 8.8.8 (8th August 2015) so this will be a key time in terms of grounding energy.

We can put all these inspiring ideas into practice and communicate with clarity once Mercury moves into Virgo from the 8th till 28th August. This may involve careful negotiation, completing on projects and tying up loose ends.

Shortly afterwards on 12th August Jupiter also moves into Virgo, helping us come down to earth after the excitement and high energy of Jupiter in Leo. Now we are being encouraged to take care of our bodies and health and pay attention to what we eat. This is about synthesis, paying attention to details and duties and planning for the autumn.

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