Call to step into a brave new world – February 2019

Call to step into a brave new world – February 2019

During the next month or so we’re in an unprecedented phase of completing a major cycle and embarking on the new. Chiron, the Rainbow Bridge is poised at 29 Pisces, the very last degree of the zodiac – ready to dive into the initiation offered in Aries after 8 years of drifting through Pisces. There may be some fear, confusion or even blame that we need to release. We may wonder if we are up to the challenge as we accelerate into a brave new world.

The conjunction between Mars and Uranus in the last degree of Aries exact on the 13th and 14th February may bring frustration, anger or perhaps unexpected breakthroughs and surprises as we are asked to consider unusual solutions or clean breaks from the past.

The conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which is gradually building towards 2020 is about breaking down control and abuse of power as we refuse to be subordinate to the restriction, domination and negativity displayed by personalities within outdated structures and alliances. Our own tendency towards rigidity and judgement may also be revealed, when fear can trick our ego into overreacting, responding with righteous indignation or basing opinion on our own personal vested interest.

The waning square between Uranus and Pluto has been about the conflict between the revolutionary, new, occasionally rash energy of Aries ragging up the restrictive, shadow, even cruel energy of Capricorn.

However, planet of communication Mercury relaxes into Pisces from the 11th February, softening opinions and encouraging us to be receptive to other people’s points of view. Over the next week Mercury merges with Neptune encouraging meditation, inner work and creativity.

The Supermoon at 15.55 UK time on the 19th February at 0 Virgo dares us to be brave, different and forge our own path with the revolutionary Mars Uranus conjunction on the Midheaven. The Sun in Pisces and mystical Mercury Neptune conjunction calls us to embrace unity, compassion and forgiveness. It’s about softening our hardened opinions, going with our intuition, trusting and stepping into the mystery.

Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius brings buoyancy, helping us find the higher purpose behind confusing or disturbing events and navigate the ups and downs and uncertainties of these times.

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