Eclipses of September 2016 – a Recalibration

Eclipses of September 2016 – a Recalibration

September brings another opportunity for us to lift our vibration and align ourselves with our destiny. This is a dynamic and powerful month with some big endings and new beginnings, some of which could be quite unexpected. It’s good to notice the new people who come into our lives and the opportunities and ideas we have at this time, as these are likely to be pointers in terms of our highest and best direction.

The time around the Solar Eclipse on 1st September represents another doorway of accelerated development. This happens at 11.03 Central European time in 9 Virgo, a number that is highlighted during this time and representing completion.

At the time of the eclipse there’s a big focus in the 11th house of community, groups, friends and sharing our gifts. The eclipse also connects to the square between Saturn and Neptune, which has been having an effect during this time and makes its final connection on 10th September. Saturn – Neptune can bring disillusionment or disempowerment and is literally a collapsing of structures, although in the positive it can be about surrender, letting go of resistance and creating a heavenly reality. We may be letting some dreams go, but are beginning to create and re-build new realities.

Leading up to the eclipse we have a beautiful meeting of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the last degrees of Virgo, giving us an energetic boost, an expanded perspective and feelings of being supported.

At the time of the solar eclipse Mars is at 14 Sagittarius, conjunct a point in the sky called the ‘Great Attractor’, highlighting the energy of change and manifestation.

Jupiter is conjunct the Supergalactic centre during September, activating light and cosmic energy. Also on 10th September Jupiter moves into Libra for around a year, expanding and supporting relationships and promoting harmony, peace and balance.

The lunar eclipse on 16th September brings a bittersweet feeling even some sadness. Emotions run high with the Full Moon in Pisces sitting next to Chiron and the square to Mars in Sagittarius forces a recognition and acceptance of the truth, so this could be a painful time. This time also brings an opportunity for emotional and physical healing.

In contrast to this rather delicate, fragile energy Mars romps quickly through the rest of of Sagittarius during September like a warrior for truth, putting the focus on beliefs and bringing progress and opportunities, particularly for those with this sign strong in their birth charts. From 27th September Mars settles down into Capricorn, bringing a more business-like, organised and practical energy.

Already being felt but becoming exact on 18th November Neptune in Pisces is passing over the south node. This is letting go, forgiveness and compassion, a washing away of what has been and an opportunity to bring in even more light. It also helps us draw on reserves of inspiration, magic and angelic energy.

This is about the current Astrology on a collective level. If you’d like to discover how this is activating your chart and how you can make the most of this powerful time feel free to get in touch to arrange a personal Colour and Astrology session which can be done in person or by Skype.

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