The heat is on – August 2017

The heat is on – August 2017

The heat is on and life may feel intense now as patterns and issues come up to be cleared before we step through the gateway known as the Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, 8th August. The two eclipses in August makes this year’s Lion’s Gate particularly strong with the Lunar Eclipse just the day before (at 19.00 GMT on the 7th August). Transformational Pluto plays a key role during this eclipse, so shadow issues may come up to be confronted.

Leading up to this time the Sun has been travelling in conjunction with Mars. This assertive, dynamic energy can appear as anger, impatience, selfishness or aggression coming up for us or in the people around us. We may come across projection with people expressing anger or accusations that say more about them than anyone else. Being detached helps us understand this is all par for the course as we lead the way in this collective consciousness shift. We can stand our ground, hold firm and gently follow through on our chosen path and what we know to be right. This is about authentic power and going for gold. We may need to support our solar plexus energy and also rest and nourish ourselves during these intense energetic changes.

On the 21st August we have the total solar eclipse in fiery Leo (at 19.30 GMT). The Sun and Moon sit close to Mars also in flamboyant Leo and link to Uranus, planet of unpredictable change and radical new beginnings. In contrast Venus in sweet Cancer links to Jupiter in relationship orientated Libra. We’re being asked to stay connected to our heart, be patient and focus on our loved ones while embarking on exciting new adventures. Water may be particularly healing at this time. With Mercury in Virgo it’s important not to either overthink or neglect the details.

The symbol for the degree of the solar eclipse is: ‘an angel of the Sun touches the Earth with the point of his flaming sword, making sparks fly before a crouching lion with its head raised.’ So this is a degree of splendour, spiritual power and glory, and perhaps invoking the energy of Archangel Gabriel or Michael may be helpful. Sometimes change is unavoidable and it’s about mastering energy and using our power and force wisely while we navigate these powerful shifts.




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