Turn of the Year 2017

Turn of the Year 2017

So at the dawn of a promising new year we can review what has passed and set our intentions to create wondrous change during 2017. While 2016 may have been a challenging year in our personal lives as well as collectively, we have begun the process of taking back our power on an individual level, claiming back our sovereignty on a collective country level and also demanding our right to protect our land, our world and our sacred spaces. In this sense we can celebrate the triumphs that have been achieved during this year and can renew our commitment during 2017, but now with the advantage of increasing clarity.

It may help to look beyond the illusion that superficial unity is always a good thing. Unity is not something that is created by regulations, laws and control. Unity is a deeper connection that we feel inside ourselves and is based on empowerment and freedom.

2016 is represented by the Tower in the Tarot and the colour healing system Colour Mirrors, suggesting this would be a year of letting go, shattering of illusions and surprise developments. 2017 connects to the Star card in the Tarot with its message of hope, inspiration, confidence and spirituality. In the Colour Mirrors system 17 is the coral and royal blue ‘Wish’ bottle with its message of grace, positive payback and manifesting dreams. Part of the meanings of these colours are about protecting our energy and our space, with connections to the Angels and Ascended Masters, the coral being the energy of the ‘Christ’ and royal blue ‘Mother Mary’.

In terms of Numerology we’re beginning a new nine-year cycle in this ‘1 year’. Astrologically we’ve got a very dynamic opposition between Jupiter and Uranus during January, February and March, creating a sense of freedom and growth and a catalyst for further change.

On a collective level we are now being drawn to leaders who are authentic and apparently freer from external control. Everyone makes mistakes and just as we can forgive ourselves for our human failings so we can be compassionate with our leaders.  There can be a tendency to amp up conflict and encourage a kind of hysteria through the use of the mainstream media, particularly in certain countries. Conflict and fear can be created through the tendency to blame and antagonize other countries when the voice of truth begins to be heard. On a lower level Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius can indicate repression of the truth, but on a higher level it becomes a serious study of what is true, an alchemy of our understanding. We’re in a process of continually assessing what is truth and letting the blinkers be removed, even if this turns our world-view upside down.

2017 represents a new beginning and brings an opportunity to focus on the kind of world we wish to create in terms of beauty, peace and purity through further campaigns, research and asserting our right to choose. However part of the process is to focus on hope, beauty and every small success, rather than what is wrong and needs to be changed. We can create a Heaven on Earth and the first step is to trust ourselves and what we know deep down to be true. Perhaps some of these dramatic changes and shocks on a collective level are part of destiny unfolding and our gradual awakening to the truth. Rather than falling into judging and fear it’s more productive and positive to lift our vibration, focus on what is good and enjoy being part of this extraordinary journey of discovery!



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