Uniting the Polarities – April 2019

Uniting the Polarities – April 2019

With Chiron moving through Aries we’re working on issues of identity and feeling the fear of stepping into our real power and assertion. We’re being offered the opportunity to own our firepower without the collective doubts, fears and insecurities undermining our confidence. This placement is about feeling and expressing anger, but it needs to be done in a way that creates real, constructive change.

Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the south node is about survival fears as we confront and release primal energies. There may also be some scapegoating as we look for someone to blame for the collective chaos and sense of polarity when in fact healing our own inner extremism and fear is the best place to start.

It’s about finding a way of uniting the polarities whether these are masculine/feminine, left wing/right wing or peace/war. The way to resolve this conflict is through the north node in Cancer, our inner ‘mother’, through softness and her loving acceptance for whatever we’re feeling, so that we have a safe outlet for our feelings and can start to re-build our hope and trust.

Mercury and Neptune have been drifting along together in Pisces, resulting in some confusion and shifting allegiances, models and opinions. Once Mercury strides into Aries on the 17thApril there should be more of a sense of certainty and purpose.

On the 19thApril at 12.15 GMT we have the full moon in Libra although the themes of this can be felt leading up to and after this time. Libra is about justice and balance and this has to be integrated with the direction and courage of the Sun in Aries. An extract from the description for the Sabian symbol or image for 29 Libra is the ‘tendency to choose the line of least resistance until it is almost too late and fate is menacing them, when they may realise just in time that common sense is urgently called for to restore the balance.’

On a collective level we’re building up to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020. This represents challenging, transformative energy that particularly affects structures such as governments, businesses and hierarchy of all kinds. Opposing the UK’s all-embracing Moon in Cancer this has been about setting limits and tough love, perhaps bringing a sense of being bullied or dictated to at times. On the 24thApril Pluto stations retrograde and then on the 29thSaturn stations retrograde as well, so perhaps the sense of pressure, stress and rigidity will ease up for a while.

This aspect can feel heavy at times so we may need to keep our spirits up and our vibration high to create the highest and best outcome on a collective level. Jupiter travelling through Sagittarius brings expansion and a spotlight on the emerging truth, but it can also encourage the tendency for everyone to feel they have the answers and know the real truth, when in fact we are all just feeling our way. All we can do is continue to express our opinions, honour and listen to the opinions of others while feeling into our hearts what is true for us – and if this changes over time this may be a welcome sign of our evolution in consciousness.


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