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Turning the tables – Leading up to January 2020

Turning the tables – Leading up to January 2020

We’re travelling through intense yet productive times as we build up to the momentous conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th 2020. This combination of planetary energies is about establishing ground rules and building a new foundation that can stand the test of time.

It’s about self-empowerment and being our own authority. Only we know what is right for us. By claiming our own freedom and by being our own authority on an individual level, we facilitate the same process for the collective.

The strong, transformative Scorpio energy with Venus, Mercury and asteroid Pallas Athene in Scorpio is like journeying deep into a tunnel. Although deep issues are being uncovered, we can choose make light of what’s taking place personally and collectively. It’s possible for emotional issues and reactions to be triggered and released instantaneously.

Trust in ourselves, trust in the collective transition and trust that we are being guided on a spiritual level is essential during these times.

Tonight’s empowering and energising Aries Full Moon at 22.07 GMT is about being assertive rather than controlling. While we can’t control what other people decide or do, we can set our own boundaries and draw the line to avoid being manipulated or victimized. It’s about focusing on our main priorities and standing firm on those. By empowering ourselves in this way we’re turning the tables and walking away from playing the game.

The Full Moon is being supported by a conjunction between Jupiter and Ceres in upbeat Sagittarius. This is about being nurtured by our faith. It’s the positivity and the ebullience that can enable us to ride the wave of the new into an expanded world.




See this as a moment of stillness – Oct 2019

See this as a moment of stillness – Oct 2019

Autumn is a time of retreat and letting go and we can channel this energy productively by seeing what we need to release with love, whether this is patterns or habits, relationships, jobs or homes. Pluto planet of power turned direct on 3rd October and sits on the same degree of 20 Capricorn until the 11th November.

See this as a moment of stillness.

There’s a feeling of turning the tables and taking back our power. While we can’t control what other people do we CAN choose to step away from the power struggle and the drama of the last 5 months while Pluto has been retrograde. Just not play the game any longer.

With both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn it may be tempting to fall into judgement and polarization. If this happens we can look at where our feelings come from. Maybe it’s our projection based on past experience. Maybe we can channel this energy more usefully by stepping into the new, creating a new life and more solid platform for our activities.

We always have a choice about whether we see ourselves as the victim or the hero/heroine of our life – funny how that sounds the same as heroin. We can allow ourselves to be addicted – to emotional patterns, old ways of relating, imbalanced relationships. But perhaps these are just triggers for us to let go of what we no longer need. We can agree a more healthy way to relate and create a more joyful life. Instead of a power struggle and tug-of-war, we have the handshake of peace.

Also on the 3rd October Mercury went into Scorpio, bringing deep discussions and negotiations. Discernment becomes increasingly important and we might want to look at the motivation or feeling behind an action or opinion. The Full Moon at 20 Aries on the 13th October is intense with a square to Pluto, heightening emotions and allowing us to clear some stuck energy or resistance.

Mars is travelling through Libra from 4th October highlighting relationships, negotiation and connection. The North node close to the fixed star Sirius in Cancer during this time shows us where we need to focus our energy – on our soul family, home, caring and love. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and is associated with luck and destiny





Shine bright like a diamond – August 2019

Shine bright like a diamond – August 2019

The Leo energy is starting to be felt with the Sun already burning in its own sign of Leo and Venus moving in today. This brings strong heart energy, creativity, romance and love. It’s time for us to follow our heart’s desire and joy above all else. This is about royalty, shining bright in our own authentic power and flamboyant expression. Time to drop the status quo benchmarks, rules and social conditioning.
On the 1st August we have the New Moon at 8 37 Leo. This is also a Supermoon, meaning close to the Earth and having a stronger effect on both us and the tides. It’s widely trine Jupiter and square to Uranus, bringing a dynamic, creative, unpredictable energy.
To make the most of this heart fire energy we could look at where this New Moon lands in our own chart and what house is being emphasised. With Mercury stationary it’s a time of releasing karmic threads, karmic contracts and ancestral memories. The following day on the 2nd August Mercury stations direct at 23 59 Cancer, making it easier to put plans into action and launch our new ventures into the world.
This period comes after a series of potent and transformative eclipses, including the turning point of the Capricorn lunar eclipse. This has the feeling of packing our bags and leaving the old. This involved planning and coming home to ourselves in an informed and organised way. We’re also breaking through the impasse of past behaviour patterns and society’s conditioning. This may be being brought to our attention in an exaggerated way to show us how we need to change. Best not overreact in a negative way perhaps triggered by our own issues or experience, but simply hold the energy for release and forgiveness. Many people have been feeling very tired while we navigate this profound shift.
A couple of days ago on the 26th July we had the galactic New Year marked by the rising of the star Sirius, entering a year of the White Magnetic Wizard, the shaman, the heart seer! We’re building up to the Lion’s Gateway on the 8th August, which every year brings a surge of light and potential.
The period around the middle of August looks dynamic and should bring another big shift in energy. For the whole month Jupiter is sitting on a point called the Great Attractor, highlighting opportunity, magnetism and growth. Jupiter expands what it touches so for those who are receptive this could activate higher consciousness and bring streams of spiritual energy. This point is a vast black hole, larger than the Galactic Centre.

On the 11th August Jupiter stations direct at 14 30 Sagittarius marking a turning point. The following day on the 12th August Mercury roars into Leo, highlighting communication with style and flair. That day Uranus also stations retrograde at 6 36 Taurus, so there could even be something of a surprise in store.

On a collective level we’re building up to the big conjunction between Saturn and Pluto on the 13th Jan 2020 at 22 47 Capricorn. The precursor is the lunar eclipse on the 10th at 20 Cancer. Ultimately this is about the dismantling of corrupt power structures and control, symbolically stepping away from the ‘men in grey suits’.

This process can be disconcerting and bring up some fear as we wonder what the changes may mean. If you’re being triggered by what’s going on collectively, there may be something to heal or pay attention to within yourself. We can take action to protest about what is harmful to human life, while sending positive, supportive energy and good vibes to those who have stepped forward to help in the collective shift. And for this awakening to happen with the most ease and grace possible.

Uniting the Polarities – April 2019

Uniting the Polarities – April 2019

With Chiron moving through Aries we’re working on issues of identity and feeling the fear of stepping into our real power and assertion. We’re being offered the opportunity to own our firepower without the collective doubts, fears and insecurities undermining our confidence. This placement is about feeling and expressing anger, but it needs to be done in a way that creates real, constructive change.

Pluto in Capricorn conjunct the south node is about survival fears as we confront and release primal energies. There may also be some scapegoating as we look for someone to blame for the collective chaos and sense of polarity when in fact healing our own inner extremism and fear is the best place to start.

It’s about finding a way of uniting the polarities whether these are masculine/feminine, left wing/right wing or peace/war. The way to resolve this conflict is through the north node in Cancer, our inner ‘mother’, through softness and her loving acceptance for whatever we’re feeling, so that we have a safe outlet for our feelings and can start to re-build our hope and trust.

Mercury and Neptune have been drifting along together in Pisces, resulting in some confusion and shifting allegiances, models and opinions. Once Mercury strides into Aries on the 17thApril there should be more of a sense of certainty and purpose.

On the 19thApril at 12.15 GMT we have the full moon in Libra although the themes of this can be felt leading up to and after this time. Libra is about justice and balance and this has to be integrated with the direction and courage of the Sun in Aries. An extract from the description for the Sabian symbol or image for 29 Libra is the ‘tendency to choose the line of least resistance until it is almost too late and fate is menacing them, when they may realise just in time that common sense is urgently called for to restore the balance.’

On a collective level we’re building up to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020. This represents challenging, transformative energy that particularly affects structures such as governments, businesses and hierarchy of all kinds. Opposing the UK’s all-embracing Moon in Cancer this has been about setting limits and tough love, perhaps bringing a sense of being bullied or dictated to at times. On the 24thApril Pluto stations retrograde and then on the 29thSaturn stations retrograde as well, so perhaps the sense of pressure, stress and rigidity will ease up for a while.

This aspect can feel heavy at times so we may need to keep our spirits up and our vibration high to create the highest and best outcome on a collective level. Jupiter travelling through Sagittarius brings expansion and a spotlight on the emerging truth, but it can also encourage the tendency for everyone to feel they have the answers and know the real truth, when in fact we are all just feeling our way. All we can do is continue to express our opinions, honour and listen to the opinions of others while feeling into our hearts what is true for us – and if this changes over time this may be a welcome sign of our evolution in consciousness.


The Collective Shift – March 6th 2019

The Collective Shift – March 6th 2019

Big day tomorrow, 6th March, with change agent Uranus moving into Taurus, sign of finances, banking, currency, nourishment and the Earth at 8.26am GMT for the next 7 years. The higher we keep our vibration the easier this huge shift will be for us personally and collectively. It pays to take nothing literally or at face value. It’s likely to bring something of a surprise over the next few days and weeks on a collective level. This could be a time when our personal finances take a dramatic turn for the better or at least we shift our focus in terms of finances. With the New Moon at 4.03pm GMT in 15 Pisces cuddling up to Neptune this brings an opportunity to dream our reality into being. Allowing, surrender and going with the flow brings results rather than forcing. It’s about letting the magic unfold and trusting that if something is meant to happen it surely will. Sometimes what we think we want or is best may not be the highest and best on a collective level and we may have to suspend the polarising energy of judgement, disbelief and fear and embrace the unity of forgiveness, release and trust.

Call to step into a brave new world – February 2019

Call to step into a brave new world – February 2019

During the next month or so we’re in an unprecedented phase of completing a major cycle and embarking on the new. Chiron, the Rainbow Bridge is poised at 29 Pisces, the very last degree of the zodiac – ready to dive into the initiation offered in Aries after 8 years of drifting through Pisces. There may be some fear, confusion or even blame that we need to release. We may wonder if we are up to the challenge as we accelerate into a brave new world.

The conjunction between Mars and Uranus in the last degree of Aries exact on the 13th and 14th February may bring frustration, anger or perhaps unexpected breakthroughs and surprises as we are asked to consider unusual solutions or clean breaks from the past.

The conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which is gradually building towards 2020 is about breaking down control and abuse of power as we refuse to be subordinate to the restriction, domination and negativity displayed by personalities within outdated structures and alliances. Our own tendency towards rigidity and judgement may also be revealed, when fear can trick our ego into overreacting, responding with righteous indignation or basing opinion on our own personal vested interest.

The waning square between Uranus and Pluto has been about the conflict between the revolutionary, new, occasionally rash energy of Aries ragging up the restrictive, shadow, even cruel energy of Capricorn.

However, planet of communication Mercury relaxes into Pisces from the 11th February, softening opinions and encouraging us to be receptive to other people’s points of view. Over the next week Mercury merges with Neptune encouraging meditation, inner work and creativity.

The Supermoon at 15.55 UK time on the 19th February at 0 Virgo dares us to be brave, different and forge our own path with the revolutionary Mars Uranus conjunction on the Midheaven. The Sun in Pisces and mystical Mercury Neptune conjunction calls us to embrace unity, compassion and forgiveness. It’s about softening our hardened opinions, going with our intuition, trusting and stepping into the mystery.

Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius brings buoyancy, helping us find the higher purpose behind confusing or disturbing events and navigate the ups and downs and uncertainties of these times.

This is a general interpretation of the current Astrology on a collective level. For a personal Colour and Astrology consultation to explore home, relationships, work or higher purpose do get in touch with me by email on

The heat is on – August 2017

The heat is on – August 2017

The heat is on and life may feel intense now as patterns and issues come up to be cleared before we step through the gateway known as the Lion’s Gate on the 8/8, 8th August. The two eclipses in August makes this year’s Lion’s Gate particularly strong with the Lunar Eclipse just the day before (at 19.00 GMT on the 7th August). Transformational Pluto plays a key role during this eclipse, so shadow issues may come up to be confronted.

Leading up to this time the Sun has been travelling in conjunction with Mars. This assertive, dynamic energy can appear as anger, impatience, selfishness or aggression coming up for us or in the people around us. We may come across projection with people expressing anger or accusations that say more about them than anyone else. Being detached helps us understand this is all par for the course as we lead the way in this collective consciousness shift. We can stand our ground, hold firm and gently follow through on our chosen path and what we know to be right. This is about authentic power and going for gold. We may need to support our solar plexus energy and also rest and nourish ourselves during these intense energetic changes.

On the 21st August we have the total solar eclipse in fiery Leo (at 19.30 GMT). The Sun and Moon sit close to Mars also in flamboyant Leo and link to Uranus, planet of unpredictable change and radical new beginnings. In contrast Venus in sweet Cancer links to Jupiter in relationship orientated Libra. We’re being asked to stay connected to our heart, be patient and focus on our loved ones while embarking on exciting new adventures. Water may be particularly healing at this time. With Mercury in Virgo it’s important not to either overthink or neglect the details.

The symbol for the degree of the solar eclipse is: ‘an angel of the Sun touches the Earth with the point of his flaming sword, making sparks fly before a crouching lion with its head raised.’ So this is a degree of splendour, spiritual power and glory, and perhaps invoking the energy of Archangel Gabriel or Michael may be helpful. Sometimes change is unavoidable and it’s about mastering energy and using our power and force wisely while we navigate these powerful shifts.




Choosing love – May 2017

Choosing love – May 2017

On a collective level we’re entering a powerful time of transition, bringing a feeling of obstacles being removed and inevitable change. During Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius over the last couple of years we’ve experienced intense learning and gained in wisdom. There may be letting go and healing to be done, but astrologically and energetically we’re beginning a new cycle, which in many ways may begin to feel positive and hopeful.

Beltane, or Bealtaine, is an ancient Gaelic festival that marks the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, representing fire, fertility and the energy of nature. The Scorpio full moon that happens around this time is about purification and brings a time of emotional cleansing. An ancient Irish ritual is for mothers and daughters to wash under the light of the Full Moon.

The Scorpio Full Moon on 10th May (22.42 UK time) is particularly transformational. While there may be some grief it also brings an opportunity for karmic resolution, releasing trauma, forgiveness and healing. The Sabian symbol or image for this degree of the zodiac is: ‘A soldier is ready to face charges of desertion for love’s sake’. My hope is that on a collective level this represents a subtle, hidden movement away from conflict, anger and war. On a personal level this can be about going deeper and feeling into what’s really true, to make choices and decisions that are truly right for us. It’s an opportunity to let go of inner conflict or being ‘at war’ with ourselves. Making personal decisions based on love, which create inner peace is one way of contributing towards world peace.

Venus is now moving direct in Aries after around 6 weeks of retrograde movement. Relationship issues and changes in terms of friendships are heightened after a time of re-connection and re-assessment in the light of what we feel to be loving and accepting treatment.

The meeting of Mercury and Uranus on the 9th May is easier than the previous conjunction, as Mercury has been moving direct since the 3rd May. There may be surprising, unexpected news, brilliant ideas, or situations may be unlocked or freed up, bringing a change of direction.

Significantly the nodes representing our collective and personal destiny have just changed signs from service orientated Virgo to flamboyant, self-expressive Leo. The shift is away from tasks and duties towards revealing our inner strength and power, our ‘inner lion’. This will bring opportunities for creativity and fulfillment, and at the moment forms a precursor to the Total Solar eclipse happening in August.

Turn of the Year 2017

Turn of the Year 2017

So at the dawn of a promising new year we can review what has passed and set our intentions to create wondrous change during 2017. While 2016 may have been a challenging year in our personal lives as well as collectively, we have begun the process of taking back our power on an individual level, claiming back our sovereignty on a collective country level and also demanding our right to protect our land, our world and our sacred spaces. In this sense we can celebrate the triumphs that have been achieved during this year and can renew our commitment during 2017, but now with the advantage of increasing clarity.

It may help to look beyond the illusion that superficial unity is always a good thing. Unity is not something that is created by regulations, laws and control. Unity is a deeper connection that we feel inside ourselves and is based on empowerment and freedom.

2016 is represented by the Tower in the Tarot and the colour healing system Colour Mirrors, suggesting this would be a year of letting go, shattering of illusions and surprise developments. 2017 connects to the Star card in the Tarot with its message of hope, inspiration, confidence and spirituality. In the Colour Mirrors system 17 is the coral and royal blue ‘Wish’ bottle with its message of grace, positive payback and manifesting dreams. Part of the meanings of these colours are about protecting our energy and our space, with connections to the Angels and Ascended Masters, the coral being the energy of the ‘Christ’ and royal blue ‘Mother Mary’.

In terms of Numerology we’re beginning a new nine-year cycle in this ‘1 year’. Astrologically we’ve got a very dynamic opposition between Jupiter and Uranus during January, February and March, creating a sense of freedom and growth and a catalyst for further change.

On a collective level we are now being drawn to leaders who are authentic and apparently freer from external control. Everyone makes mistakes and just as we can forgive ourselves for our human failings so we can be compassionate with our leaders.  There can be a tendency to amp up conflict and encourage a kind of hysteria through the use of the mainstream media, particularly in certain countries. Conflict and fear can be created through the tendency to blame and antagonize other countries when the voice of truth begins to be heard. On a lower level Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius can indicate repression of the truth, but on a higher level it becomes a serious study of what is true, an alchemy of our understanding. We’re in a process of continually assessing what is truth and letting the blinkers be removed, even if this turns our world-view upside down.

2017 represents a new beginning and brings an opportunity to focus on the kind of world we wish to create in terms of beauty, peace and purity through further campaigns, research and asserting our right to choose. However part of the process is to focus on hope, beauty and every small success, rather than what is wrong and needs to be changed. We can create a Heaven on Earth and the first step is to trust ourselves and what we know deep down to be true. Perhaps some of these dramatic changes and shocks on a collective level are part of destiny unfolding and our gradual awakening to the truth. Rather than falling into judging and fear it’s more productive and positive to lift our vibration, focus on what is good and enjoy being part of this extraordinary journey of discovery!



Astrology of Autumn 2016

Astrology of Autumn 2016

Choosing Inner Freedom

The current collective Astrology is about staying calm, peaceful and balanced as much as possible after the shifts and changes associated with September’s eclipses along with some continuing volatility. With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Libra there may be decisions to be weighed up and choices to be made, especially in relationships. Mars travelling through Capricorn till 10th November brings a productive, determined and ambitious influence, makingthis a good time to pour our energy into developing and launching new projects and initiatives.

The Aries Full Moon at 4.24 UK time on the 16th September sits next to revolutionary Uranus and Eris. This brings awakening, energy shifts, personal breakthroughs and a pioneering quality, along with some possible anger and conflict. This is the energy of the ‘I Am’, the spirit of the Goddess breaking free. Through October the oppositions and square to Uranus from the Sun, Mercury and Mars bring further revelations and shifts.

Venus in Scorpio has been conjunct Black Moon Lilith, bringing up emotional intensity and deep feelings, the highest potential being passion, loyalty and unconditional love, but resentment and feelings of betrayal may also be triggered. We’re currently living through times of re-balancing the outraged and exiled feminine and those who have had to walk their talk in what often seems like a toxic world. However it’s best not to be too black and white and to think solely in terms of men versus women. This is about integrating the masculine and feminine within us all and can also be about healing the hurt ‘anima’ in men. Stuff comes up so we can see it and heal it, not so we retreat further into the hurt.

Mars in Capricorn is a patriarchal energy and it meets Pluto for the final time on the 19th October, bringing a sense of release, culmination of ambition and completion. This is about transforming the barriers and boundaries that have limited us in the area of our chart that it touches. The same day Venus moves into Sagittarius, bringing a lightening and lifting of the emotional energy. These combined influences make 19th October quite a turning point.

Then on the 10th November Mars breaks out into Aquarius, bringing a breath of fresh air and a sense of freedom from control. It feels like a sigh of relief and being able to reap the rewards of all our effort and hard work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We also need to focus on unity and togetherness, a group support. Rather than a feeling of separation this can be an inner freedom from the patterns and issues that may otherwise hold us back.