Colour & Astrology

Colour & Astrology


A birth chart is a soul map that gives information on the themes, challenges and gifts of this lifetime. You can compare it to a picture on a packet of seeds and during our lifetime we can blossom into this potential. Astrology is also a timing device, indicating when particular challenges may come to a head and when the doors are open for us.

The sun sign Astrology we see in the newspapers can be entertaining and sometimes informative. However having a birth chart set up for your exact time and place of birth is a very different thing and provides a wealth of information about your life, character, childhood patterning and potential.

Astrology is the study and interpretation of the influence that the Sun, Moon, stars and planets have on our lives. Using Astrology can help us to understand the reactions and situations that pull us down or restrict us and to recognise the qualities we need to develop so we can lift ourselves beyond challenges. This is not to deny suffering, but to find meaning and purpose within it that makes it easier to accept and handle.

Through Astrology we can become more attuned to the planetary energies and live with more harmony and awareness. Equipped to understand and process life lessons we can move through the challenges we face, shifting course and flowing in response to the development of events.

The ancient temple at Delphi has this inscription written above the door: ‘As above, so below’ and this wisdom holds true now in that our inner experience mirrors what is happening in the heavens.


We’re surrounded by Colour all the time and are continually making choices and responding to Colour sometimes unconsciously. It even comes into our language and for example we talk about being ‘in the pink’ or ‘green with envy’ or ‘seeing red’.

Colour Mirrors is a system of over a hundredbubbling-blue colour bottles, comprised of oils and spritzers of the most exquisite beauty. Some of the oils are single colours and some dual colours and the spritzers consist of dragons, angels and elements. Melissie Jolly began creating the Colour Mirrors system in 2001 and she makes these bottles in a beautiful area near Hermanus in South Africa, near where the whales come to give birth.

The system continues to evolve over the years in response to our collective evolution and now we have a set of gorgeous copper, gold, coral, platinum and silver  – the Gaia bottles.

The system links beautifully with Astrology as well as with the Tarot, Numerology and Kabbalah. There are planetary and also element bottles and the Colour can guide us on how to respond to Astrological challenges.

This system can stand alone and I offer training to work as a Colour Practitioner and Teacher. Or it can also be combined with other therapies and modalities, such as Reiki, EFT and Astrology.

Colour and Astrology

Colour combined with Astrology brings in a more spontaneous, responsive, emotional quality to a reading or workshop. We can play with Colour and yet this is play with a purpose, depth and meaning. Links emerge between the Colour bottles that someone chooses and his or her birth chart that confirm or clarify the information found in the Astrology. We can’t hide with Colour.


Colour is a vibration and we can also use the Colour Mirrors bottles as a therapy. We can bath in the oil, meditate holding a bottle or connect with the energy through breathing exercises or by having the bottle in our room.

This is a spiritual marriage of ancient wisdom, a blend of the emotional and intuitive, heart and head. Opening to the magic and wonder of Colour and Astrology brings new inspiration and helps you re-connect with your joy and passion for life.

The combination of Colour, Astrology and Numerology is useful for marketing, business names, compatibility and new ventures. Astrology can also be used for confirmation in that one can look at the chart for an event, such as an interview, inception of a new business or house viewing to gather information about the energy and potential of a the job, business venture or home.

Colour and Astrology combined provide the keys for Alchemy of the soul, enabling us to expand our awareness, shift our energy and create new opportunities, so we can live the life we were born to live.colour-and-astrology-pic