Colour and Astrology of Relationships

Colour and Astrology of Relationships

Event Start Date:
January 12, 2019
Event End Date:
January 12, 2019
Event Venue:
Torquay, Devon

This 20-19 year is about re-birth and offers us new beginnings especially with the added energy of Mars now birthed in Aries. The overall number for the year is 3, which in the Colour Mirrors system is represented by the planet Jupiter. Astrologically we have Jupiter travelling through Sagittarius now, strong in its own sign and bringing more scope, adventure and expansion.

In the Colour Mirrors system Jupiter is a gorgeous coral bottle. The colour coral is about self-acceptance, self-love and how we relate to other people. It can also be about re-connecting with the magic of our spiritual connection, re-kindling hope and working hand-in-hand with our higher self and spirit.

With this in mind I’m offering a Colour and Astrology of Relationships workshop in Torquay on Saturday 12th Jan. This experiential workshop will involve visualisation, exercises and play with Colour and promises to be supportive, insightful and fun. We’ll explore relating in general and what your Astrology chart shows about how you relate, bringing in Colour for insight and healing. You’ll also learn about Relationship Astrology and how we can look at the connection between two charts (synastry) and relationship charts (composites).

During the day each participant will be able to explore a relationship through Colour and Astrology to understand more about the dynamics, meaning and potential of the relationship.

Birth details will need to be given by 10th January: date, place (nearest large town or city) and time (as close as possible). The cost for the workshop is £90 and the workshop will be for a maximum of 6 participants.

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