The Colour and Astrology of Wealth, Money and Flow

The Colour and Astrology of Wealth, Money and Flow

Event Start Date:
June 1, 2019
Event End Date:
June 2, 2019
Event Venue:
Near Bath

Would you like to create more of a feeling of abundance and flow in your life? Do issues around money and finances create a challenge for you sometimes? Join us on this workshop to open up to wealth and abundance in all its expressions: quality of life and relationships as well as money.

Learn how to create more flow in your life and be open to receive. We will explore your personal birth chart to see what Astrology reveals and how you can best navigate the energies you are experiencing at this time. And we’ll bring in the magical, playful energy of Colour through the vibrant Colour Mirrors system for insight and to shift the energy. As well as continuing the work on a personal level on the second day we’ll look at the current collective Astrology and consider what this might mean in terms of political developments and the property market.

Workshop to be held at Lisa Barry’s beautiful home near Bath.

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