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Let Love Win

Let’s open to the highest potential of this Full Moon eclipse around 19.30 BST

5th June and set our sights high on our vision for the world we would like to usher in for our children and grandchildren. The Moon at 15 Sagittarius is conjunct an astronomical point called the Great Attractor, bringing the opportunity to connect to cosmic, galactic energy. Allow yourself to be open to synchronicity and your own inner guidance to travel in a direction that opens up new pathways and possibility.

The Sun in Gemini brings a light touch, butterfly wings of information and clarity, the union of opposites. Venus offers the gift of harmony, sitting next to the Sun and also now rising as the morning star. This is love, a fierce love, the warrior that sets boundaries and calls out deception and misunderstanding in order to create stronger relationships where you support each other in your journey towards truth and the truth of you.

Mars in Pisces is subtle movement and adjustments and heightens our awareness of how we use our energy and where we place our attention. We rein in our energy to allow ourselves to infused with love and softness and receive the light pouring onto the planet at this time. We care without being hijacked.

With the gradual meeting of Mars and Neptune in Pisces we can connect with an expansive group consciousness where boundaries and apparent division are dissolved and we can heal and release the misunderstanding and pain. We can invoke a return to sweetness and innocence for ourselves and the children of the world. May they live naturally and freely now and in the future.

The fourth empty point in this T-square is Virgo and to ground the magnificent potential of this eclipse we can embody the highest expression of Virgo: discernment, purity and realism. Virgo is about simplicity and connecting back to nature. As the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and so the process of dismantling outdated structures takes time. And the time is now.

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