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The quickening

We’re in ‘the quickening’ now with Mercury moving fast through its own sign of Gemini and its higher octave Uranus also covering new ground in Taurus. This morning’s New Moon at 26 43 Gemini on the 18th June 5.36 UK time helps us see with new eyes and create new visions. The New Moon is conjunct Juno, asteroid of partnerships and sacred union in Gemini, sign of the twins, so there could be choices to make about our highest path in relationships.

The square between the Gemini New Moon and Neptune could be accompanied by some confusion, even a tendency to over-think. We’re being invited to step ‘out of our mind’. This energy is beyond words. On the 17th the day before the New Moon, Saturn turned stationary retrograde in Pisces accompanied by some vulnerability even regrets perhaps.

Venus and Mars in Leo burn bright in Leo, igniting heart-fire, creativity and passion. We can listen with our heart. And we’re just a few days away from the summer solstice, always a time of celebration and receiving even more light.

The solstice is on Wednesday 21st June at 15.58 UK time and strikes a chord for the next 3 months. The Sun is exactly conjunct a dwarf planet called Chaos at 0 Cancer. In the myth of Chaos, Heaven was ripped from Earth creating a temporary separation, but it’s about supporting the process of progressing back into wholeness.

Just a few days ago on the 15th June the dwarf planet Sedna moved signs into Gemini after holding on with all her might in resistant Taurus for years. Haumea, the dwarf planet symbolizing New Earth, sits next to the south node in Scorpio at the moment, so working through betrayal, power struggles or challenging emotions is all part of our journey of birthing a new world and a new way of being.

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