Workshop & Courses

Workshop & Courses


Attending a workshop or course can be a wonderful way to gain deep insight, shift your energy and connect at a deep level with yourself and other people.

Workshops take place in different locations and countries. You can find out more on the Events page or contact me if you are interested in a particular workshop that may not be currently listed.

Colour and Astrology theme daysworkshops-photo-3

Colour and Astrology days are held around the time of Astrological transitions or gateways to help us connect with the energies and navigate the changes. Feel free to get in touch with me if there's a particular aspect, transit or theme you’d like to explore.

Colour and Astrology 1

In this 2-day workshop you learn how to interpret a birth chart and how to bring Astrology into your everyday life and work. The Colour Mirrors system has planetary and element bottles, bringing a vibrancy and clarity to our experience of Astrology. This workshop is also suitable for people with considerable Astrological background and knowledge. The combination with Colour means there will be plenty of new ideas and experiences to make it different, inspiring and interesting.

During this workshop we will:

  • Learn about the planets, signs, houses and aspects
  • Link the elements to the elemental Colour Mirrors bottles
  • Enjoy planetary meditations, Colour and Astrology exercises and readings
  • Explore the connections between Colour and Astrology in the CM system
  • Look at your birth date in terms of Numerology, Colour and Astrology
  • Hear about the current Astrology on a collective level

Colour and Astrology 2

This 2- day workshop builds on your learning and understanding with the support of the Colour Mirrors bottles.

During this workshop we will:

  • Explore Astrological aspects in more depth
  • Enjoy planetary meditations, Colour and Astrology exercises and readings
  • Develop your understanding of the connections between Colour and Astrology
  • Deepen your understanding of Astrological placements, such as the Nodes and Chiron
  • Hear about the collective Astrology and how transits affect you
  • Learn about the Astrological technique of Progressions

Colour and Astrology 3 

Colour and Astrology of Relationships and Intimacy

This 2-day workshop focuses on using Colour and Astrology in relationships.

During this workshop we will:

  • Look at how one's Astrology chart shows what we expect and experience in relationships and how to shift those patterns
  • Connect our experience of relationships and the transits and progressions we are experiencing
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to explore a relationship in depth, whether this is with a partner, child, parent, sibling or friend
  • Consider different types of relationships and how these might be indicated in the chart


It was a really inspiring day…Amanda thank you so much for your shining abilities and insights.

Expansion Through Colour workshops-1

The two-day Expansion Through Colour workshop offers you an opportunity to play and explore the world of colour and light. Experience the power and beauty of the Colour Mirrors system and enjoy this time for you to heal and receive insight and support. 

During this workshop we’ll: 

  • Be given the opportunity to heal issues, remove blocks and expand your awareness
  • Experience colour exercises with the oils and angel, dragon and elemental spritzers
  • Enjoy beautiful, energising meditations
  • Explore the emotional and spiritual significance of certain colours, receive chakra healing and colour readings

Anyone can participate and there are no manuals or certificates.

Give yourself permission to interact with these beautiful bottles and see what is mirrored back to you. I’m sure you will be so glad you did

Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of light and colour that is the Colour Mirrors system and embark on a supported journey of growth and transformation.

You’ll be trained to be a certified Colour Mirrors Practitioner and learn how to incorporate Colour Mirrors into your practice and offer readings, energy work and healing visualisations. Colour Mirrors combines beautifully with many different therapies, for example EFT, Reiki, Astrology, counselling and Resonance Repatterning.

It’s equally possible enjoy this course on a personal level as a voyage of discovery into your inner self, being aware also that the personal work we do ripples out on a family and collective level.

During this course we’ll:

  • Explore the physical, emotional and spiritual psychology of 19 different colours
  • Experience the new chakra colours and learn why they are changing
  • Experience how colour identifies and transforms unconscious patterns
  • Learn colour healing and energy techniques for healing yourself and others
  • Experience the energy of the angels, elemental and dragon spritzers and open up to sensing more of these subtle energies
  • Enjoy beautiful and powerful meditations
  • Experience an introduction into the connections between Colour, Numerology and Astrology
  • Explore different ways of working with the Colour Mirrors bottles and explore how to incorporate Colour into your own work.
  • Learn skills for promoting your work and business skills

"Thank you so very much for our beautiful Colour Mirror Practitioner Training that we shared this year both in Italy and in Dorset. I have gained such valuable insight into the Colour Mirror system and also have been on the deepest journey of my soul that simply cannot be put into words. Together we created the space for deeper understanding, real shifts and clarity in decision making for the future. You beautifully interweaved both the training aspect and the healing modality. The time we shared is very precious to me and I can honestly say has helped me to create the future I most desire and deserve. I was at a cross roads with many choices and using the wonderful bottles and with your insight and our intuition I have now taken such a huge step forward into my future and I feel that I am in line with the purpose of my Soul.

Some of the things that I spoke to you about would sound very strange or incomprehensible to many, but you simply accepted me for where I was and helped to me transition to where I am now in a beautiful, loving and yet professional way. I thank you from the very depths of my being. My spirit honours your spirit… our paths crossing was no accident and I am so grateful for that."