Would you like to live your life with more ease and joy? Are you going through a transition or facing challenges? Would you like to understand and improve your relationship with your partner or with a child? Or look at the upcoming Astrology and use this deep insight to make decisions and plans for the future.


My approach to Astrology is positive, intuitive and creative, so you use the Astrology to guide you, make choices and navigate your life in an empowered way. The combination of Colour and Astrology is a way to get to the heart of your experience, raise consciousness and create positive shifts and changes.

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Find your purpose, live in joy, grow with ease and grace




An in-depth Astrology reading to help you connect with your true self.




An Astrology reading combined with Colour, using the Colour Mirrors bottles and their inspiring messages.



Are you choosing names for a business, a website, a child or making a name change for yourself?


Would you like to explore and understand the potential gifts and challenges of a special relationship?



This can be a lovely gift for a friend or family member with a new baby or young child.



Would you like to look at what a country might mean to you and how it may support or affect your energy?​


The intention is to choose a moment that confers the maximum success, ease and flow to your new venture.


Would you like to confirm or work out

what time of day you may have been born?

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“It was a really inspiring day. Amanda,

thank you for your shining abilities and insights.”

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Expansion Through Colour
2-day Colour and Astrology workshop February 2022
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Surfing the Jupiter Neptune Wave
Colour and Astrology workshop 17.00 to 19.00 Thursday 27th January 2022

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Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training   
3-month intensive training, in-person in the UK and online, starting Wed 2nd March 2022 at 2pm

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Here I will give my impressions on the current Astrology and how this is affecting us all on a collective level. My intention is to share hope, magic and beauty while at the same time looking at what is happening with a discerning eye, to help the collective awakening and shift take place with as much ease and grace as possible.


Life is full of magical twists and turns and I may sometimes share from my own experience about the blessings, signs and synchronicity that have inspired me.​​

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Amanda's Astrology Blog

Sharing hope and beauty for collective awakening


Feedback from readings and workshops

"I found that very cosmic and was pretty wowed"

“I want to thank you for an incredible session yesterday! You are excellent and I loved every minute of it, you clarified a lot about me, and because you explained the planets so well - no one has before - I found that very cosmic and was pretty wowed.✨✨✨


Your compassion and loving kindness touched me deeply" 💞