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"Thank you Amanda for just being the beautiful guiding light that you are. You are totally amazing!"

Meet Amanda

I find Astrology so extraordinary and it’s

such a delight to share the magic

When you have an Astrology session or attend a workshop with me, you’ll discover that I love working with people and genuinely care about you and your life.


It’s always so fascinating and such a joy to see someone’s chart come to life when they come along to have a reading. Astrology has been invaluable for me to understand friends, partners and family, confirm decisions and navigate changes in my life from marriage, divorce and bringing up my daughter.


Bridging different worlds is a life theme for me and I have a strong attraction to Italy, having spent a lot of time in the wild and beautiful area of Monte Amiata in southern Tuscany.


It's such a joy and so fascinating to see someone's chart come to life when they have a reading

Amanda by tree roots.JPG

Expression and learning how to master and communicate the language of Astrology have been key themes in my life. I love to write and for 6 years wrote an Astrology column for the website Femail and the national newspaper the Daily Mirror.


My blogs on the current collective Astrology are intended to help us understand and integrate what’s happening on a collective level at a deeper level and to feel empowered to take an active role in the collective awakening and transformation we are all creating.


I have a Psychology BSc from University College London (UCL), the diploma from the Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA) and was awarded a distinction in my diploma from the Mayo School.


Apart from Colour and Astrology, my other passions are yoga, walking in nature, swimming in the sea, visiting the ‘hot springs’ in Italy and listening to music.

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