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"Thanks for all your wisdom and insight Amanda. It was amazing how absolutely accurately my chart described who I am."


Astrology can help you understand why you’re here,

what you’ve come here to learn and how to do it.

Astrology provides a unique blueprint for life, a language to describe your inner world using the map created from your date, place and preferably your time of birth.


Surprisingly detailed and accurate, it describes your soul direction and purpose, and provides inspiration about how best to live the energy. An intuitive Astrologer can express why you’re here, what you’ve come to learn and how to do it.

It can help you reframe the past, navigate your current situation and make the best decisions for your future. With astrology you can imagine what you would truly love and adopt the positive mindset to create this.


Astrology can help you flow with the cosmic energy in a constructive way. You can use Astrology to choose the most auspicious moment for an important event to optimise success.


Using Astrology can help you to understand friends, partners and children and harmonise relationships.


Using Astrology can help you understand friends, partners and children, harmonising relationships. You can see soul patterns and genetic patterns running through your family. Challenges faced by parents or children may be seen in your chart, indicating something that also affects you.

Astrology is a timing device, as unfolding planetary influences trigger your chart or the past is replayed, presenting an opportunity to learn. Diving deep into Astrology is a way to connect with a benevolent universal presence expressed through synchronicity and dreams. On a collective level this is part of an awakening of consciousness and astrology can help us trust the process.

Astrology provides a doorway into wisdom and the mystery of life, a language that can help you navigate your inner world with depth and precision.

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