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"The way Amanda uncovers what may be happening individually is fascinating and always makes so much sense."

Upcoming Workshops, Retreats and Courses

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Magic and Myths, Colour and Astrology

Online Series on Gods and Goddesses, Dwarf Planets and Celestial Points

Starting Autumn 2023 

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The Art of Astrology

12-week Astrology Course

Early January till end April 2024

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The Wheel of Fortune  

Online series exploring the Astrological year and the pagan cycles 

Starting Thursday 14th September 2023 at 5:30 to 7:00pm UK time

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Magic and Myths, Colour and Astrology

Online series on Gods and Goddesses, Dwarf Planets and Celestial Points

starting Autumn 2023

Magic and Myth, Colour and Astrology - online workshop series 


2023 is a 7 year, the number connected with mystical Neptune. And Saturn has dissolved into Pisces, joining Neptune in its own sign, so we can draw on and invoke magic, miracles and faith and dive into the watery depths of our inner world to sustain and support ourselves.

By hearing about the ancient myths and wisdom and also connecting out into the cosmos we can nourish and inspire ourselves and build our trust in the continuity of life and resilience of the human spirit.


This online series will consist of 6 fortnightly sessions starting in the Autumn. The sessions will consist of the usual format exploring the Mythology, Astronomy and Astrology of 6 of these gods, goddesses, dwarf planets, asteroids and celestial energies:


Psyche, Return to Innocence

The Galactic Centre

The Great Attractor

Make Make, the Creator of Humanity

Varuna, Keeper of Sacred Law


Hygiea, Goddess of Health 


Each session will include a beautiful guided visualization to connect with the essence of these celestial energies and also an exploration of where they are placed in your own birth chart. As usual we’ll have an FB group for sharing, support and information.

Workshop fee £210 for the 3-month series. To enquire or book please email: 



The Art of Astrology  

12-week Workshop Series

Early January until April 2024


The Art of Astrology is a 12-week course that will run from the beginning of January until the end April 2024


This course is for beginner to intermediate students. Would you like to gain confidence with Astrology and begin to use it in your own life, along with looking at the charts of friends and family? Learn about the building bricks of Astrology, the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects, and how to read natal charts?


The course will consist of the following:


A pre-recorded module every fortnight (8 modules over the 4 months). You will receive each pre-recorded module of around 20 – 30 minutes by WeTransfer every fortnight


Q and A sessions live on Zoom. Once a month we will meet online for 1 ½ hours to discuss your Astrological learning, for more teaching such as exploring example charts along with your own charts and to answer any questions you may have


A comprehensive manual will be emailed to you at the beginning of the course


A private FB community where you can share and discuss your experiences and learning with supervision and feedback from Amanda 


Optional written assignments, two of 250 words, one towards the end of month 2 and one towards the end of month 4. Feedback will be given and a certificate of achievement in the Art of Astrology will be given to those who successfully complete the assignments


Module 1: Signs


Module 2: Planets 1


Module 3: Planets 2


Module 4: Houses


Module 5: Aspects


Module 6: Aspect Patterns


Module 7: Chart Synthesis and Reading a Natal Chart 


Module 8: Transits


Please register your interest or book your place as the course will consist of a maximum of 8 participants. The course fee is £360 (or two payments of £190)


Part Two ‘Advancing the Art of Astrology’ will start in the summer / autumn of 2024

Please email me on to enquire or book your place

Gut Instinct

The Wheel of Fortune     

Starting Thursday 14th September 2023, 17:30 - 19:00 pm UK time 

During this pivotal, dynamic and challenging year, we’re having to trust and use our ingenuity as we step into the unknown and create a more natural way of living that is closer to the Earth and the Heavenly rhythms. Approaching the autumn equinox and at the New Moon, we begin the next 6-month cycle of the Colour and Astrology series, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with a group consisting of a maximum of 8 participants.


We'll explore the Astrological year and the pagan calendar with Astrology, Colour, Guided Visualisation, Activations and Ritual. Around the time of each New Moon we’ll gather online to hear about the Astrology for the coming month and any significant planetary aspects and ingresses into different signs.


You’ll hear about the energies of the New Moon and connect in with Colour and the Planetary ruler of each New Moon. We’ll also do a guided visualization specially created for each New Moon and to set our intentions to release what we no longer need and create our highest vibrational timeline. This is a supportive group experience where we come together, hear about the Astrological cycles, connect deeper to our inner guidance and share experiences, perceptions and support.


Each month I will also look at your chart and tune in to you and your chart and what is being highlighted by the current Astrology. If you like each month you can choose to ask a question also. This could be looking back at times you found challenging in order to gain more insight, clarification on how you are feeling now, guidance on shifting patterns or considering upcoming energies. This will be about 5 – 10 minutes long and will be conveyed to you through voice message on either messenger or what’s app, whichever you prefer.


We’ll also have an FB group where I’ll share insights and information on the sabbat wheel and impressions of the Astrology over the year and where we can share ideas, experiences and support each other.


The first online meeting will be:


Thursday 14th September 5.30 to 7.00pm UK time, day before the New Moon

Then the second Thursday of every month at 5:30 UK time for 6 sessions

£210 for the 6-month journey to be booked by the 21st August (or two payments of £110)

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