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"The way Amanda uncovers what may be happening individually is fascinating and always makes so much sense."

Upcoming Workshops, Retreats and Courses

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Magic and Myths, Colour and Astrology

Online Series on Gods and Goddesses, Asteroids and Dwarf Planets

Starting Thursday March 9th at 5.30pm UK time

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Astrology and Sound

In-person workshop together with Carmen Belle White

Tuesday 11th April 2023 at 2.00 till approx 5.00pm UK time

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The Wheel of Fortune  

Online series exploring the Astrological year and the pagan cycles 

Starting Tuesday March 21st 2023 at 5:30 to 7:00pm UK time

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Magic and Myths, Colour and Astrology

Online series on Gods and Goddesses, Asteroids and Dwarf Planets

starting Thursday 9th March 2023

Magic and Myth, Colour and Astrology - online workshop series 


2023 is a 7 year, the number connected with mystical Neptune. And Saturn will be dissolving into Pisces, ruled by Neptune so we can draw on and invoke magic, miracles and faith and dive into the watery depths of our inner world to sustain and support ourselves.

By hearing about the ancient myths and wisdom and also connecting out into the cosmos we can nourish and inspire ourselves and build our trust in the continuity of life and resilience of the human spirit.


This online series will consist of 6 fortnightly sessions starting on March 9th.

The sessions will consist of the usual format exploring the Mythology, Astronomy and Astrology of 6 of these gods, goddesses, dwarf planets, asteroids and celestial energies:


Sedna Mother of the sea


Quaoar creation force of the universe


Black Moon Lilith the empowering and liberating female archetype


Ixion the dwarf planet known for his defiance of the gods


Make Make the creator of humanity and the god of fertility


Hygiea the Ancient Greek goddess connected with health 


Each session will include a beautiful guided visualization to connect with the essence of these celestial energies and also an exploration of where they are placed in your own birth chart. As usual we’ll have an FB group for sharing, support and information.


Starting date Thursday March 9th, 5.30 - 7.00pm UK time


And then on the following dates:


Thursday March 23rd


Thursday April 6th

Thursday April 27th


Thursday May 11th

Thursday May 25th

Workshop fee £180 for the 3-month series. To book or get in touch with me please email: 



Astrology and Sound  

In-person workshop together with Carmen Belle White

Tuesday 11th April, 2023 at 2.00 till approx 5.00pm


In these times we all benefit from some extra nurturing and support, especially the sensitives among us. I’m absolutely delighted to share a pioneering workshop I’m running with Carmen Belle White on the theme ‘Expansion, Openness and Trust’.


The workshop will include a guided visualization for expansion of the Heart Chakra supported by gentle sounds, hearing about the uplifting Astrology and some guidance on how best to navigate these times and a deeply relaxing sound bath journey with rose quartz crystal bowls, Koshi Japanese chimes and two gongs, one of which is for Jupiter.


Carmen has a very ethereal and gentle style of creating a sound bath and you will feel cocooned in a womb like space. We’ll finish the afternoon by sharing cacao balls and herbal teas together.


Tuesday 11th April 2.00 till around 5.00, workshop fee £33


Venue: Oborne Village Hall, near Sherborne, Dorset


Please reserve your space by getting in touch via and bring whatever you need to keep yourself warm and comfortable

Gut Instinct

The Wheel of Fortune     

Starting Tuesday 21st March 2023, 17:30 - 19:00 pm UK time 

With Saturn, Pluto and even Mars moving signs this month, March 2023 will be a game-changing month, bringing big shifts and the beginnings of deep societal change that will fully emerge over the coming months and years.


We’re approaching the spring equinox which will represent an especially strong activation and awakening this year partly because it takes place within a day of the Aries New Moon. There will be a real sense of a fresh start and a new turning of the wheel.

Jupiter is racing through Aries, increasing the rapid pace of change. Today it connects with the benefic Venus, planet of love and relationships, and then the healer teacher Chiron, opening our hearts and bringing expanded consciousness, opportunity and abundance. The door to the ancient mysteries swings open in 2023, sacred number 7 and year of Initiation.


We’re being called to nurture these delicate new beginnings, gather our courage and ingenuity and step into the unknown and as yet unformed. So, I’m drawn to offer a supportive group experience during this fascinating and pivotal year where we can come together, explore the current Astrology, feel into what we are being called to do and flow into our New Earth natural way of living.


The spring equinox seems like the perfect time to begin this new Colour and Astrology series, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ where we’ll explore the Astrological year and the pagan calendar with Astrology, Colour, Guided Visualisation, Activations and Ritual.

Around the time of each New Moon we’ll gather online to hear about the Astrology for the coming month and any significant planetary aspects and ingresses into different signs.


Over the year we’ll have 13 online gatherings for the 13 New Moons. You’ll hear about the energies of the New Moon, connect in with Colour and the Planetary ruler of each New Moon. We’ll also do a guided visualization specially created for each New Moon and to set our intentions to release what we no longer need and create our highest vibrational timeline.


Each month I will also look at your chart and tune in to you and your chart and what is being highlighted by the current Astrology. If you like each month you can choose to ask a question also. This could be looking back at times you found challenging in order to gain more insight, clarification on how you are feeling now, guidance on shifting patterns or considering upcoming energies. This will be about 5 – 10 minutes long and will be conveyed to you through voice message on either messenger or what’s app, whichever you prefer.


We’ll also have an FB group where I’ll share insights and information on the sabbat wheel, pagan festivals and the Astrology over the year and where we can share ideas and experiences and support each other.


The first online meeting will be:


Tuesday March 21st 5.30 to 7.00pm UK time to coincide with the Aries New Moon


Then the following dates always at 5:30 UK time:


Thursday April 20th

Thursday May 18th

Sunday June 18th

Monday July 17th

Tuesday August 15th


The series will be in two parts so the dates for the following 6 months will be arranged later.

£180 for the first 6-month period and a further £180 for the next 6-months (£360 in total)



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