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"The way Amanda uncovers what may be happening individually is fascinating and always makes so much sense."

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Retreats in Tuscany

Tailor-made retreat experiences with visits to nature spots, hot springs, Astrology and meditation

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Coming Home with Haumea

An online Astrology workshop to celebrate the Winter Solstice 

Wednesday 21st December 2022 at 5.30pm UK time

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Exploring Aspects and Chart Synthesis  

Series of online Astrology workshops, 10 sessions with one every fortnight 

Starting Thursday 26th January 2023 at 5.30pm UK time

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Water Retreats in Tuscany

Please get in touch to enquire or arrange dates

Healing Water Retreats are offered in Tuscany and can be arranged to take place at significant turning points in the sabbat wheel and also to coincide with heightened Astrological times.

The workshop part of the retreat will take place in the mornings and will include a combination of Guided Meditations, affirmations, ritual, ceremony, Colour, Astrology, oracle cards, dreamwork, gentle stretches and energy exercises. Astrology will form a major part of the workshop and we will do personal work with your own birth chart. The beautiful vibrant Colour Mirrors bottles are also here for exploration, insight and healing!


We’ll visit a beautiful nature spot every afternoon: a river spot with a waterfall, some natural hot springs and maybe the Mediterranean sea. We’ll also visit the lovely village of Campiglia d’Orcia with its gorgeous fountain and panoramic vista. 

There will also be time for you to retreat, rest, journal and read. One evening we’ll have a crystal bowl sound healing.

The meals will be help-yourself breakfast and healthy vegetarian lunches and dinners. The group will consist of 1, 2 or 3 participants. I can comfortably carry 3 people in my car and it also means each participant can have their own bedroom and bathroom. 

The retreat will include accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, the workshop and the visits and guided walks, and transport to and from Pisa airport. 


The apartment is the top 2 floors of a large villa in a very peaceful, yet central position tucked just off the main piazza in Castel del Piano, Monte Amiata, southern Tuscany. An hour south of Siena and 2 ¼ hours south of Pisa Airport.


It has a balcony where you can have breakfast if you like and a wonderful panoramic view of the hilltop village of Montegiovi (Jupiter’s mountain) along with the sunset from the large light living room.


The all-inclusive workshop fee for a 3 night stay is £550. If you choose as an extra we can arrange for you to have a treatment with a sensitive and gifted massage therapist who can do a blend of massage and reflexology (and an anti-aging facial if you wish). 

Here’s Sarah Impey’s feedback from the ‘Wonders of Water’ retreat:


 “Although I didn’t have any expectations before my trip I was excited for the opportunity. Amanda’s wonderful retreat, ‘The Wonders of Water’ far exceeded anything I could have imagined.


I have always been only loosely drawn to Astrology, but I have always had a fascination with it. Amanda truly invites in a new and fresh way of seeing things, almost a new 5D viewpoint and a great approach to astrology. 


Being met by Amanda at the airport and being dropped back was a huge decider for me in my decision to come as that can often be a deal breaker for me. Meeting us and driving us back to her home really enhances what Amanda offers showing the care and the personal touch that she gives.


I LOVE loved my room...Amanda really chose my room with care and thoughts of me in mind, I loved that. Offering me a room with the most light and a very expansive view out the window. Amanda knows I like the light and to feel free. All of the rooms were lovely, but my room was really chosen with me in mind. 


Weaving astrology with the colour is very unique to Amanda. I loved this combination of providing knowledge while allowing the space for transformation.


Spending the mornings exploring colour and Astrology and then our afternoons connecting to the water was very powerful for me. It was really helpful to integrate the learning and transform any emotions that were coming up to be released.


It was so interesting to see how water is everywhere bringing a real flow to Tuscany, so many hidden spots, and especially around where Amanda lives in ‘Monte Amiata’… You can almost see how the water plays a role in transforming the land. It’s so vibrant, the colours, the shapes are so luminous, and I loved seeing the different energy in the water and how it seems to really energise and transform this area. Even my Light and Water images seemed to take on a new dimension with each different water site we visited.


Thank you so much Amanda. A wonderful, informative, nurturing and fun retreat.


I highly recommend ”


Also, do get touch if you might be interested in visiting independently. The panoramic apartment has 5 bedrooms (4 of which would be available), 3 shower rooms and 2 cloakrooms. We can also design a visit which is part hosted and part independent stay.


You can get in touch via amanda@amandabradbury.com to find out more or to book.



Coming Home with Haumea  

Online workshop, Wednesday 21st December 2022 at 5.30pm UK



You’re invited to an online workshop 'Coming Home to yourself with Haumea': a celebration of the Winter Solstice and an anchoring of our energy at this gateway. Learn about the Mythology, Astronomy and Astrology of Haumea, a Hawaiian goddess for New Earth, and connect with her creative, resourceful energy.


We’ll look at the Astrology of the Winter Solstice and touch on some of the key Astrological themes of 2023. We’ll do a beautiful guided journey to help you set a clear focus on your intention for what you would like to create, harnessing the dynamic energy of Jupiter at this time to fulfil your mission. 


We’ll also take a look at the part of your chart that is being blessed by Jupiter’s final entry into the bold sign of Aries and what the invitation might be for you.


Online by Zoom, Wednesday 21st December 17.30 – 19.00  UK time, £23 workshop fee




Exploring Aspects and Chart Synthesis     

Starting Thursday January 26th 2023 at 5.30pm 

In this new online Astrology workshop series, we’ll explore the major aspects as they work through each planet with a different planetary focus every fortnight.


Maybe you have some knowledge of your own chart and some experience of the planets and the houses and now you would like to deepen and refine your knowledge of Astrology? Astrology is an unparalleled tool for accurate and in-depth information on all aspects of our lives and our loved ones, giving guidance on our personal and spiritual growth.


 We’ll explore and learn about the 10 main planets over the 10-week series: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


The course will start on Thursday January 26th at 5:30 UK time with fortnightly sessions of 1 1/2 hours. The fee for the whole 5-month workshop series is £230 and this can be paid in two instalments.


As usual we will have a wonderful relaxing and inspiring guided visualization every session. There will also be plenty of exploration of your own birth charts, which also allows everyone to learn and see Astrology in action!


We will also have a group on FB which is useful for preparing, sharing, supporting and asking questions.

Here's a recent testimonial from a previous participant of an Astrology series Astrologer Ruth McCarthy: "I would highly recommend this workshop. Very insightful, great meditations and a lovely way to develop a greater understanding of the Asteroid Goddesses. Amanda is a great teacher."


And a participant on another recent Astrology series Therapist and Teacher Rachel Stacey-McKay: "Highly recommend these workshops. I loved doing them. I gained so much insight from Amanda’s knowledge and wisdom."

You can contact me on amanda@amandabradbury.com if you would like to join