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"The way Amanda uncovers what may be happening individually is fascinating and always makes so much sense."

Upcoming Workshops, Retreats and Courses

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Magic and Myths, Colour and Astrology

6- month online Series on the Dwarf Planets and Celestial Bodies

Starting May 2024 

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Water Your Soul

5-night Colour and Astrology and Water Retreat

Tuesday 18th / Wednesday 19th till Monday 24th June 2024

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The Wheel of Fortune  

6-month online series exploring the Astrological year, pagan cycles and current Astrology

Starting Thursday 14th March 2024 at 5:30 to 7:00pm UK time

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Magic and Myths, Colour and Astrology

Online series on the Dwarf Planets and the Celestial Energies

starting May 2024

By hearing about the ancient myths and wisdom and connecting out into the cosmos we can gain renewal and hope. We can build our trust in the continuity of life and the resilience and creativity of the human spirit, as well as discover more about our inner nature.

Saturn and Neptune are both drifting through the mystical sign of Pisces in these years and on a collective level this can feel disorientating and sometimes tiring. The higher expression of these transits is to surrender, flow and connect to source light. We’re being encouraged to have faith and invoke magic and miracles, diving into the watery depths of our inner world to nourish and support ourselves during our planetary transition.

By request I’m offering another Colour and Astrology online series of Magic and Myth to start in May. The time of day can also be arranged to suit the participants, morning or afternoon during the week.

This online series will consist of 6 monthly sessions to explore the Mythology, Astronomy and Astrology of 6 of these Dwarf planets and celestial energies.

Each online session will include a presentation about the Astronomy, Myth and Astrology of each Dwarf Planet along with a beautiful guided visualization activation to connect with these celestial energies. We also explore where they’re placed in your own birth chart and consider how this energy is expressed in your life. We have a FB group for information, sharing and support.

These are the Dwarf Planets we’ll explore this time:

​Haumea, Hawaiian Fertility Goddess


​Sedna, Inuit Mother of the Sea


​Salacia, the Mermaid Goddess


​Black Moon Lilith, a celestial point of Hidden Desires


​Hygieia, Goddess of Health and Healing

​Quaoar, Community, Celebration and Creativity


​Workshop fee £200 for the 6-month series. To enquire or book and arrange timing for our online meet-up please email: 


Water Your Soul  

5-night Colour and Astrology and Water Retreat

Tuesday 18th / Wednesday 19th till Monday 24th June 2024

A Healing 5-night Retreat from Wednesday 19th till Monday 24th June in Monte Amiata, Tuscany with a focus on nurturing, flow and trusting our ‘inner waters’. There are so many special water spots to visit in this beautiful, natural area from the warm Mediterranean sea to a river spot where two rivers meet and you can swim to wild, natural hot springs with mineral water to streams in the woods.

The Retreat will coincide with the summer solstice and the Full Moon and astrologically there will also be an emphasis on water and nurturing with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the water sign of Cancer, washing away the old and refreshing and renewing our energy.

We’ll come together as a group on 2 or 3 of the mornings for Colour and Astrology, a guided visualisation, sharing, oracle cards and dreamwork. Some of the beautiful vibrant Colour Mirrors bottles will be there for exploration, insight and healing! The focus will be on emotions and healing and we'll particularly look at the water element in your birth chart. We’ll also connect with the waters for healing and do a water ceremony to give back to the Earth.

One of our visits will be to go to the 'Parco Faunistico' Nature Reserve and have a gentle wild food walk. It will be very pretty at this time of year with wild flowers and plants and we may see the wolves in a large enclosure.

On the last day hopefully one of the activities will be to complete our Retreat with a Vedic Art painting class to help integrate our experience.

You’ll be able to help yourself to breakfast (or if you prefer you can sometimes walk across the square to café with a terrace where you can have cappuccino and a pastry). Lunches and dinners at home will be vegetarian, with soups and salads or panino picnic if we are out already for lunch and simple, tasty, vegetarian dinners early evening.

The group will consist of 3 participants as I can comfortably carry 3 people in my car and it means each participant can have their own bedroom, toilet and sink. Two participants will share a shower.

The spacious apartment consists of the top 2 floors of a large villa in a peaceful, yet central position tucked just off the main piazza in Castel del Piano, Monte Amiata, southern Tuscany, 2 ¼ hours drive south of Pisa Airport. Castel del Piano is a pleasant town, 800 metres above sea level with lovely views from the main square.

The apartment has a balcony (where you can have breakfast if you like) and a panoramic view of the hilltop village of Montegiovi (Jupiter’s mountain) and the sunset. The living room is very large and light and perfect for workshop gatherings.

It’s best if we can coordinate flights and that way the connection and fun starts right from the airport. Perhaps the best option is to take the BA flight from Heathrow on Tuesday 18th at 4pm and to spend the night in Pisa before being met the following morning. The return flight is Monday 24th at 12.30.

The all-inclusive fee for the retreat is £963, to include transfers from Pisa airport, transport, guided visits and trips, accommodation and meals. The only extra cost will be your flight, two meals in local restaurants (probably one lunch and one dinner). And, if you choose, any drinks or aperitivi or breakfast on the terrace of the café on the piazza.

Nikola Tesla: “If only you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 you would have a key to the universe. 3, 6 and 9 represent the pathways that force energy or information to manifest through to material form.”

Gut Instinct

The Wheel of Fortune     

Starting Thursday 14th March 2024, 17:30 - 19:00 pm UK time 

During this significant and transitional year, we’re having to anchor our energy and call on all our gifts as we step into the unknown and create a more natural way of living that is closer to the Earth and the Heavenly rhythms. Approaching the spring equinox and just after the New Moon, we begin the next 6-month cycle of the Colour and Astrology series, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with a group consisting of a maximum of 8 participants.

We'll explore the Astrological year and the pagan calendar with Astrology, Colour, Guided Visualisation, Activations and Ritual. Around the time of each New Moon we’ll gather online to hear about the Astrology for the coming month and any significant planetary aspects and ingresses into different signs.

You’ll hear about the energies of the New Moon and connect in with Colour and the Planetary ruler of each New Moon. We’ll also do a guided visualization specially created for each New Moon and to set our intentions to release what we no longer need and create our highest vibrational timeline. This is a supportive group experience where we come together, hear about the Astrological cycles, connect deeper to our inner guidance and share experiences, perceptions and support.

Each month I will also look at your chart and tune in to you and your chart and what is being highlighted by the current Astrology. If you like each month you can choose to ask a question also. This could be looking back at times you found challenging in order to gain more insight, clarification on how you are feeling now, guidance on shifting patterns or considering upcoming energies. This will be about 5 – 10 minutes long and will be conveyed to you through voice message on either messenger or what’s app, whichever you prefer.

We’ll also have an FB group where I’ll share insights and information on the sabbat wheel and impressions of the Astrology over the year and where we can share ideas, experiences and support each other.

The first online meeting will be:

Thursday 14th March 5.30 to 7.00pm UK time

​Then the 4th April, 9th May, 6th June, 4th July and 1st August at 5:30 UK time for 6 sessions

​£220 for the 6-month journey to be booked by the 14th February if possible (or two payments of £120 each 3 months)


Amanda Bradbury is an experienced Astrologer and Colour therapist and offers Personal Consultations and courses and workshops on the fascinating combination of Colour and Astrology. She loves to interpret the language of the stars and offer it to others to illuminate, guide and inspire our lives.


Here are a couple of testimonials about recent courses:


“I have loved every minute of our Astrology and Colour course and so looked forward to each session! What a fabulous group we were/are! I too feel I can look at someone’s chart and make sense of it and am excited to practice on friends! The collective Astrology has been so helpful and supportive during these turbulent 9 months and diving deep into our own unique charts has been such a big learning and greater understanding of our soul and path and everything that we are! You ARE such a beautiful soul and have taught us so well, being patient and explaining everything very clearly with lots of useful examples. I have also loved your meditation! We have had lots of fun haven’t we! I look forward to continuing my knowledge and understanding with the new group!”


“Just wanted to say thank you again, Amanda, for leading us on such an inspiring Astrology/Colour Mirrors journey. I now know I can take a look at someone's chart and not just go "Bloody hell, where do I start?" We have learned so much, thanks to you. And now I will enjoy practising my new skills. 


Much look forward to joining the new group when my time comes. I have so loved being part of this special group and you are a FABULOUS teacher - and I love that you are not strict!!!”

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