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"The way Amanda uncovers what may be happening individually is fascinating and always makes so much sense."

Upcoming Workshops, Retreats and Courses

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Igniting the Inner Flame

Online colour and Astrology workshop by Zoom

Monday 30th May 2022 10 - 12 BST

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Navigating the Planetary Dance

Exploring Transits, series of 8 sessions by Zoom of 1.5 hours over 4 months 

Starting Thursday 23rd June 2022 at 17.30

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Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training  

In-depth, transformative training by Zoom, starting September 2022

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Igniting the Inner Flame

30th May 2022 10 - 12 BST

A two-hour online Zoom workshop around the upcoming Mars Jupiter conjunction in Aries and the Asteroid Vesta. Be inspired and uplifted with a combination of guided visualization, Colour and Astrology.


First, we’ll explore the collective Astrology and the recent move of Jupiter into Aries on the 11th May - to be ignited by Mars at the end of May.


We’ll also look at the asteroid goddess Vesta, her mythology and the part Vesta plays in our sacred contracts, our role in the world and our service by sharing our light. Becoming aware of the energy of Vesta brings us back to our sense of purpose, dedication and focus, helping us to feel more centered during the transition we are living through.


Also, we’ll be meeting the day of the buzzy, bright New Moon in Gemini so we will be celebrating that!


The workshop will include energy work in a guided visualization and we’ll be transmuting anger into passion and purpose. As always, Colour and the vibrant Colour Mirrors bottles will form a key part of the workshop, bringing their energy and vibration to our experience!


We’ll have personal sharing and exploration of the placement of Vesta in your chart and a look at how the dynamic Mars Jupiter energy will activate your birth chart, along with the New Moon. 


Monday 30th May at 10.00 – 12.00 UK time

Workshop fee: £33


To ask questions or to join you can get in touch on amanda@amandabradbury.com


Navigating the Planetary Dance - Transits in Astrology  

Online series over 4 months, starting Thursday 23rd June 2022 at 17.30 UK

An online Colour and Astrology series on Astrological Transits. There will be a 1 ½ hour session twice a month and each session will focus on transits by one of the planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Venus and the Moon.


Gaining an understanding of your natal Astrology chart helps you gain more clarity on the purpose of your soul, your gifts and the patterning you have chosen to overcome in this lifetime. Then you can take it up to the next level and explore how the current movement of the planets is activating or triggering your natal planets. Being able to track this can help you harness the waves of positive energy, navigate challenging times, put the past into perspective and create the future you most desire.


The way I look at it is that the planets aren’t ‘doing something to us’, rather we are active co-creators in a planetary dance and our consciousness and awareness helps us to make the most positive choices and surrender to the universal planetary flow. Gaining an awareness of the planetary movements, their cycles and timing also gives us a deep understanding of what is happening on a spiritual level collectively and how this is being expressed in terms of current events. This can support us in making sense of what’s happening and gives a wider purpose, context and symbolic meaning to events that may often seem chaotic and concerning.


As usual the sessions will include a guided visualisation and transmission to connect in with the energy of each planet and I will bring in Colour and the vibrant Colour Mirrors oils and essences to help us do that. There will be a FB group for sharing and support and we’ll be exploring participants charts to feel into how the Astrology transits work in practice.


This new workshop series will start on Thursday 23rd June from 17.30 to 19.00 UK time. It’s intended for people who have done at least one workshop series with me, done a personal consultation or already have some experience of Astrology.


Here are the dates for the online workshops.


23rd June Jupiter

30th June Moon


14th July Pluto

28th July Mars


18th August Uranus

25th August Venus


8th Sep Saturn

22nd Sep Neptune


The fee for the 4-month training is £220. There are a maximum of 10 places so do get in touch via email on amanda@amandabradbury.com if you would like to join us.


Online Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training     

Starting September 2022 

I’m delighted to be running an in-depth Colour Mirrors Practitioner training. Depending on participants location and preference this could be an in-person training or an online training. Or a unique combination of online and in-person workshops, giving you the opportunity to experience physically the colour and energy of the magical Colour Mirrors bottles combined with the convenience of connecting online in your own home. There is also the possibility to experience the training as an intensive retreat in southern Tuscany in autumn with its hot springs and lovely walks.

With its Gaia bottles, higher dimensional chakra bottles, dragons and angels, Colour Mirrors is a healing modality for the New Earth and needs to shine its light more than ever around the world.

Colour is a vibration, a frequency or energy, as we human beings are as well, so connecting with and responding to Colour can help you to heal, shift your energy and open yourself to new perspectives and consciousness. When you start to see your life, your health, your relationships, your work and your finances through the lens of the psychology of colour, this opens up a whole new perspective and way of looking at your world.


Colour is the language of the soul and even comes into our spoken language. This training opens your awareness to what colour means to you and enables you to notice and understand the messages and language of colour.

The Colour Mirrors bottles reflect back to us our gifts and our blocks and give us a clear reflection of where we are on our journey of consciousness. My particular passion is to combine Colour with Astrology and I find that Colour brings in real magic and healing.


I first came across the Colour Mirrors system in 2002 shortly after it was created by Melissie Jolly and have been part of the core group of teachers from these early days. I love how Colour, Numerology and Astrology can be combined and how the Colour Mirrors system with its Planetary and Element bottles provides a wonderful vehicle for this. These ancient systems all interconnect, creating a modern-day mystery school. It also includes the traditional chakra bottles along with the new higher dimensional chakra bottles, helping us to lift our energy and frequency during these extraordinary and challenging times.


You will be provided with an extensive Practitioner Manual to guide your exploration and learning about Colour. You will also be given the Colour Mirrors Practitioner Certificate on completion of the training enabling you to advertise on the Colour Mirrors website as a CM Colour Practitioner in combination with other therapies that you may offer.

The modules for the course include:

1)      Introduction to Colour, Energy, Spiritual Principles, Chakras

2)      Red & Pink (in person workshop)

3)      Coral & Orange (in person workshop)

4)      Yellow, Gold, Pale Gold

5)      Olive & Green

6)      Turquoise, Blue, Indigo/Royal Blue (in-person workshop)

7)      Platinum, Blue-Lilac, Violet (in-person workshop)

8)      Magenta & Copper

9)      Black & White

10)    Readings, Past Lives, Colour Combinations (in person)

11)    Chakra balancing, Colour and Astrology (in person)

12)    How to create your CM Business or incorporate with work

The fee for the training is £1,500 or two payments of £755

The Colour Mirrors website is: www.colourmirrors.com


Feedback from a previous Practitioner Training:

"I have been on the deepest journey of my soul that simply cannot be put into words. You beautifully interwove both the training aspect and the healing modality. The time we shared was very precious to me and I can honestly say has helped me to create the future I most desire and deserve. I was at a crossroads with many choices and using the wonderful bottles and with your insight and our intuition I have now taken such a huge step forward into my future and I feel that I am in line with the purpose of my Soul.

Some of the things that I spoke to you about would sound very strange or incomprehensible to many, but you simply accepted me for where I was and helped me transition to where I am now in a beautiful, loving and yet professional way. I thank you from the very depths of my being. My spirit honours your spirit…our paths crossing was no accident and I am so grateful for that."