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"The way Amanda uncovers what may be happening individually is fascinating and always makes so much sense."

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Colour and Astrology 1 - Deep Dive into Astrology and the Planets

Workshop series on Zoom, starting Saturday 18th September at 10.00- 11.30 UTC

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In-depth Astrology course - Keys to Empowerment

5 - month course with 1.5 hour sessions twice a month by Zoom, starting Saturday 6th February 2021 10.00 till 11.30 UTC

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Journey to Joy  

Workshop series on Zoom, starting Wednesday 23rd June 2021 10.00 GMT

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Colour and Astrology 1 - Deep Dive into Astrology and the Planets

Starting Saturday 18th September 10.00-11.30 UK

5-month training course by Zoom experiencing the energy of the Planets through the lens of Colour, teaching and guided visualisation


Learn more about Astrology and how to use this incredible and insightful tool on your own soul path for your own personal development and spiritual growth, as well as to support and understand your clients, friends and family more deeply


You will be able to explore your own birth chart and also learn through hearing about other people’s perceptions and experiences of their own charts


You will be given support for our collective awakening during these extraordinary and challenging times along with an interpretation of the current collective Astrology


This is an opportunity for people who are new to Astrology to embark on Colour and Astrology training or for CM Practitioners and Teachers to discover more about the Planetary bottles. The course will also be a rich, deepening and anchoring experience for those who already have considerable knowledge and experience of Astrology


Two sessions a month of 1.5 hours, one on a Saturday morning at 10.00 UK and one on a Wednesday evening at 17:00 UK 


First session on Saturday 18th September at 10:00 UK


Second on Wednesday 29th September at 17.00 UK


Course fee is £240 for the 5-month course. A Colour and Astrology 1 certificate will be given at the end of the course


The course will have a maximum of 6 – 10 participants. Please register your place by 7th September via dm or amanda@amandabradbury.com

And a couple of testimonials from a recent Colour and Astrology course:


“I have loved every minute of our Astrology and Colour course and so looked forward to each session! What a fabulous group we were/are! I too feel I can look at someone’s chart and make sense of it and am excited to practice on friends! The collective Astrology has been so helpful and supportive during these turbulent 9 months and diving deep into our own unique charts has been such a big learning and greater understanding of our soul and path and everything that we are! You ARE such a beautiful soul and have taught us so well, being patient and explaining everything very clearly with lots of useful examples. I have also loved your meditations! We have had lots of fun haven’t we! I look forward to continuing my knowledge and understanding with the new group!”

“Just wanted to say thank you again, Amanda, for leading us on such an inspiring Astrology/Colour Mirrors journey. I now know I can take a look at someone's chart and not just go "Bloody hell, where do I start?" We have learned so much, thanks to you. And now I will enjoy practising my new skills. 


Much look forward to joining the new group when my time comes. I have so loved being part of this special group and you are a FABULOUS teacher - and I love that you are not strict!!!”


In-depth Astrology Course - Keys to Empowerment  

starting 6th February 2021 10.00 - 11.30 UTC

A supportive on-going course to dive into in-depth Astrology, connect with the unfolding collective Astrology and explore your own birth chart during the process. Two sessions of 1.5 hours a month over 5 months. We will have an online group where you can share insights, dreams or ask questions and I will share my Astrology posts.


The sessions will cover signs, houses and angles, aspects, chart shapes, Chiron and an introduction to transits and progressions. The group will be about learning Astrology and also supporting, learning and sharing with each other during this time of huge awakening, challenge and opportunity.


Some previous knowledge of Astrology is preferable, such as the planets and perhaps something about your own chart.


Starting Saturday 6th February 2021 10.00 - 11.30 UTC


Course fee: £230  (preferably payable by bank transfer, or Paypal possible)

To book or enquire please contact me via my email: amanda@amandabradbury.com


Journey to Joy     

Starting Wednesday 23rd June 2021 10.00 GMT



With Amanda Bradbury and Lisa Barry


3-month workshop series by Zoom starting Wednesday 23rd June 10-12pm GMT, the day of the powerful gateway of the Sagittarius lunar eclipse


From the depths and energy of Overwhelm to Joy is an Awakening Journey that Amanda and Lisa would like to invite you to explore. We will be using a wonderful combination of skills including the Colour Mirrors (CM) System, EFT Tapping, Light Matrix, Guided meditations and Astrology. 


When you are in your darkest moments and experiences, your dark night of the soul, it is an opportunity or gift to be open even further into to your awakening journey. Not an easy place to find yourself but what if you could be open to begin to see the learnings and growth that we go through that enables you to step out of the dark and into the light. Seeing yourself, your life and your purpose with new eyes, a new way of BE-ing


There will time for sharing and feeling the supportive energy of a healing circle and community that we will form when we all come together, Group Tapping, Meditations, breathwork and Astrology to explore what all these tools and experiences reveal on what has come up. 


Healing circles have always been so profound and sacred, to feel seen, heard and held with unconditional love. Our intention is to create an intimate, caring, supportive and safe space.


This healing journey will be over three months, coming together twice a month for 2 hours. We will work through 6 stages from Overwhelm to Joy, using different colour bottles and essences to support each stage. There will be exercises in both the sessions and at home if you so wish. There will also be a private FB group for posting and sharing.


Amanda will bring in her wisdom and amazing intuitive astrology and numerology, along with her experience of being a Colour Mirrors teacher. She will prepare your natal Astrological chart which brings incredible insights, perspectives and the bigger picture understanding that astrology can give us.


Lisa will bring in her wisdom and knowledge of being a Colour Mirrors teacher, EFT/Matrix, Light Matrix/Heal Your Birth and her personal journey from the dark night of the soul.


Fee for the 3 month journey £280 - Or 3 payments of £95  


For more information or to book please contact Amanda on amanda@amandabradbury.com or Lisa on lisa@amothersawakeningjourney.com