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"I was amazed at how accurate your description of our daughter was and it was lovely to hear a bit of advice about how to parent her moving forward."

Children's Readings

Understand a child to a greater extent and

come up with solutions to handle challenges.

An exploration of your child’s birth chart, helping to understand their nature, gifts, challenges, what they are looking from a parent and some of the lessons their soul has come here to learn.


This can be a lovely gift for a friend or family member with a new baby or young child. It can also be a good way to understand a child to a greater extent or come up with solutions to handle challenges and channel their gifts and unique nature.


This reading can also be done for an older child, maybe with the child themselves on their own. I have come across children who ask their parents to have an Astrology reading and it can be an empowering gift for him or her. It can also be very useful for teenagers to have a reading when making decisions about education or careers or facing emotional challenges. Having been a teacher and a mother this is a reading that I particularly enjoy.

This reading can be done in person, by Zoom or for a younger child or baby I can do a written report.

Please contact me via my email to book or enquire:

  • location: online or face to face

  • duration: 1 hour

  • fee: £70

Session info and how to prepare for your reading >

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Session info and

how to prepare for your reading.

Online sessions are via Zoom or Skype. Time zone GMT unless arranged otherwise.​

I will need your birth date, place (nearest large town or city) and time (as close as possible).

Fee preferably payable by bank transfer. Bank details are given when you book the reading. International card payment is also possible.

It’s worth checking on your birth time with family, at the hospital or on birth records as this has an important bearing on your birth chart. Another option is to have a Refine Your Birth Time Reading. However, a reading can still be done by setting the chart for midday if no time is currently available.


If we do the session on Zoom it can be recorded. You can also make notes during the session.

For online readings let me know if you would like me to email a copy of your birth chart.

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