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"I was drawn to come to Amanda on a 1:1 weekend retreat

to help me explore a difficult relationship transition."

Relationship Readings

Would you like to explore and understand the

potential gifts and challenges of a special relationship?

Would you like to explore the gifts and challenges of a special relationship? Or would you like to understand your partner or one of your children and gain deep insights about how to improve your relationship?


In this reading we look at compatibility, relationship purpose, individual relationship needs and how to lift a relationship to a new level. We can also explore soul mate and twin flame relationships and how to resolve the soul lessons, transcend the challenges and diffuse any conflict or pain.


It can be a wonderful gift to do this session in person with a couple to celebrate a commitment or marriage.

Please contact me via my email to book or enquire:

  • location: online or face to face

  • duration:1 1/4 hours

  • fee: 100

Session info and how to prepare for your reading >

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Session info and

how to prepare for your reading.

Online sessions are preferably via Zoom although Skype is an alternative. Time zone is GMT.​ You can ask if you prefer a session in person as this is sometimes possible.

I will need your birth date, place (nearest large town or city) and time (as close as possible).

Payment is by bank transfer and bank details will be given when you book the reading. Payment by card using Sum Up is also possible and this works well for international payments.​

It’s worth checking on your birth time with family, at the hospital or on birth records as this has an important bearing on your birth chart. Another option is to have a Refine Your Birth Time Reading. However, a reading can still be done by setting the chart for midday if no time is currently available.


If we do the session on Zoom it can be recorded. You can also make notes during the session.

For online readings let me know if you would like me to email a copy of your birth chart.

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