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"The Colour & Astrology course was a wonderful experience, largely because Amanda is intuitive, kind and incredibly knowledgeable."

"Amanda is a brilliant teacher and she made what is potentially a complex subject into an easy to understand one."

Training courses with certificates include the Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training and the 3 levels of Colour and Astrology Training.

The Colour and Astrology workshops are a transformative soul journey, including in-depth exploration of your own birth chart, tuning in to your own guidance along with guided visualisations along with learning about how you can use Astrology as a tool in your life and practice.

The Practitioner Training in Colour Mirrors is also offered, consisting of either a 9-day intensive or 3-hour sessions twice a month for 4 months. This is a glorious journey through all the colours, an amazing way of deepening your spiritual connection and an initiation into higher levels of consciousness and vibration.


It will also enable you to incorporate colour into your own work either on its own or to combine with other modalities such as Reiki, EFT, Light Matrix or Massage.

Do to get in touch to register your interest by email on

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