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"Thank you and thank you again for a rewarding and exciting weekend –

really fantastic! I learnt SO much. Our group was wonderful."

"Amanda you excelled yourself this time! You created an immensely transformative experience around a life issue that has the reputation of being one of life’s biggest challenges. Such support… such wisdom…"

Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to come together with like-spirited people and to share and support each other. The group energy can be so joyous and fun and attending a workshop helps you step into your power and journey deeply with the guided Colour visualisations.


The focus is on your personal growth and transformation, although we will all be immersed in the magic of Colour and Astrology and learn about how these combine.


Over the last few years my Colour and Astrology workshops have been online, usually a series taking place over a few months and have included 'the Asteroid Goddesses', 'Deep Dive' into Astrology and 'Anchoring Magic' facilitated alongside Melissie Jolly, creator of the Colour Mirrors system.


In previous years in-person Colour and Astrology workshops have included 'Navigating by the Stars', 'Relationships and Intimacy', 'Home, Moving and Change', 'Wealth, Money and Flow' and 'Journey to Being a Mother'.

During 2023 I would be delighted to travel to teach, so if you’re interested in hosting a workshop or a training course and feel you would like to get a small group of participants together, do get in touch with me to discuss it.

On the Upcoming Events page you can see what workshops and courses are scheduled and I'm always open to suggestions if you have a particular workshop you're drawn to do or area of life you'd like to explore.

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