Upcoming Events

  • Colour and Astrology 1 at Sherborne, Dorset

    Experience the magical combination of Colour and Astrology. In this workshop, you learn how to interpret a birth chart, how to use Astrology in your everyday life and gain a new understanding of the Colour Mirrors Planet and Element bottles. The Colour Mirrors bottles bring in more meaning and healing to our experience of Astrology.

  • Colour and Astrology of Home, Moving and Change at Near Bath

    We will be exploring issues around home and looking at ‘home’ in your Astrology chart. We’ll also be identifying and clearing any feelings of resistance or blocks that may get in the way of selling or moving and look at timing using Astrology. We’ll also be looking at issues around buying or choosing houses or making a home in your Astrology chart and explore locations. We will create visions for our home and also ground and put down roots for our creative vision.

  • Colour and Numerology at Somerset

    You’ll learn about the meaning of numbers and connect these to the planet bottles in the Colour Mirrors system. We’ll explore your birth numbers through Numerology and Colour and also the numbers and colours of your chosen name.

  • Colour and Astrology of Intimacy at Somerset

    We will look at your needs for intimacy, your tendencies and what may stand in your way of developing true heartfelt connections. Each participant will have the opportunity to explore a relationship with a partner, child, parent or friend and participate in a process to lift their energy and clear any blocks or emotions.

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