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A calm lake bathed in moonlight

The energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio is building and we’re feeling the intensity on all levels. It reaches fullness on the

27th April at 3.33 am UK time at 7 Scorpio.

Many people are feeling deep tiredness and strong emotions ranging from euphoria to hopelessness and pointlessness. The Moon is opposite Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus and this emphasis on fixed signs can lead to rigidity and fixed points of view. People around us may seem to be particularly obstinate and obtuse, leading to frustration and resistance. Yet the door can suddenly burst wide open. We have the Sun conjunct Uranus and the Moon opposite Uranus, bringing the energy of resistance versus unlocking, stand offs versus breakthroughs. We’re on an emotional roller coaster with many surprise encounters, discoveries and developments. Just when we feel all is lost we may get the news we have been waiting for.

The Taurus – Scorpio polarity invites us to ask ourselves what do we value? Is it connection to our bodies, true health and natural living? Or is it an artificial, illusory fix from outside ourselves and an addiction to a toxic way of life?

Pluto turns stationary retrograde on the 28th and stands still for a week, drilling down, and bringing further intensity and extraordinary revelations. This is about exploring the shadow side of our nature along with the collective shadow, and we can look deeply and honestly at ourselves as well as examining those to whom we have given away our authority up till this point now. This Full Moon represents a powerful turning point.

It’s about facing up to, cleansing and releasing the side of our nature that we may have kept hidden, the truth of ourselves, the shame, the pain, the corruption, the betrayal, the judgement, the emotions that are hard to face. And yet it’s also about re-claiming power, standing strong in our own sovereignty and true authority, answerable to no one other than our own higher selves and divine guiding source.

Scorpio is not just about exposing political cover ups and investigations, it also brings a deep esoteric, spiritual energy and is about hidden wisdom being revealed. This is about going within to discover the secrets and treasure we hold within ourselves. We can support ourselves by immersing ourselves in water and allowing the energy to flow and move through us. By being grounded, being in nature, touch or massage.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Moon is: “A calm lake bathed in moonlight” inviting us to connect with this gentle reflective energy. We could get stirred up and emotional and once we’ve had our say, it may be wise to go easy with ourselves and go within. The Moon brings a silver vibration and connecting with this energy can help us purify and cleanse our vibrational field.

This image also evokes suggestions of romance, but what is implied is a surrender of two personal egos to the inspiration of transcendent feelings. Love is a power that expresses itself through the souls of the human beings who reflect its light. We can calm our mind and allow the light of the divine to be reflected.

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