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Riding the Dragon with Compassion and Mercy

Last week we had both Mars and Venus forming a conjunction to Pluto newly in radical Aquarius, bringing a compelling intensity to relationships, breaking patterns, changing perspectives and shifting vibration.

The Sun has relaxed into Pisces now and we can breathe a sigh of relief, release some of the collective shock we’ve been feeling and relax back into ourselves. Healing and nurturing are strong themes at the moment, highlighted by yesterday’s significant and pivotal Chiron conjunct the North Node in Aries. This could bring some resolution to any situations that have resulted in anger or disruption. Often, we don’t have ultimate control however (both on a personal and collective level) and just have to let go, allow others to make their own choices and allow situations to play out.

Unsurprisingly there’s a collective sadness at this time but what we can do is release this through our body and energy system as a way of helping the collective release too. We’re navigating choppy waters collectively, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘going with the flow’. Just ten days into the Chinese New Year we’re already riding the dragon of this ‘Wood Dragon’ year. Connecting to the energy of Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy who rode on the back of a dragon can help us surf the waves and defuse any judgement or frustration.

Absorbing the turquoise in the top fraction of this colour bottle ‘Quan Yin’ helps us gain detachment and lift ourselves into a magical world as we soften into beauty and integrate the abuses of power reflected by the coral of the unconscious bottom fraction.

Nurturing, helping and self-care are the themes of the upcoming Full Moon at 5 Virgo on Saturday 24th at 12.31. It’s a beautiful Full Moon and a good time to focus on cleansing, clearing and bringing in new energy. Virgo is about health, perfect to focus on the organs of the body and our energy system to make sure all is working to the optimum level, or at least the best that we can achieve!

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