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Astrology of the end of August 2021

The Astrology of this time is momentous. Firstly, the planet Uranus turns retrograde this Saturday 21st August after a few days of appearing to stand still in the sky. During these days we can expect the eruption of tension, unexpected decisions, changes of direction and radical change as we have already seen. It also brings the energy of awakening and a sea-change in terms of consciousness.

Also, on the 27th August we have the 4th of 5 challenging squares between Eris and Pluto. The 5th and final square completes in October. This is a deep transformative energy, which could bring outrage, clashes and resistance to control. This placement ushers in a strong force for justice in response to any kind of mistreatment, dishonesty or coercion. It could lead to social unrest and political implosions.

This month we have two Full Moons in Aquarius and we had the vibrant Leo New Moon on the day of the Lion’s Gate 8:8 day in the middle. The energy of Aquarius emphasizes people power, frequency shifts, fairness and justice. The Full Moon is on Sunday 22nd at 29 degrees the final degree of Aquarius, bringing a sense of completion.

The chart for the Full Moon has quite a magical energy with the Moon conjunct Jupiter, which is about growth, higher perspective and inspiration. It’s a perfect time for embarking on a new direction, starting new projects and taking flight.

The Sun in Leo is conjunct the royal star Regulus at 29 Leo and shines bright close to the top of the chart for the Full Moon set for London. This brings a regal, sovereign quality and could augur in the re-seating or rightful return of someone with a ‘kingly’ energy. People who have this star strongly placed in their chart may have a divine role in life or some kind of trump card to play.

We also have a conjunction between Mercury and Mars in Virgo at this time, bringing a more rational and discerning assessment of the science and facts. Some people will have a more critical look at what they believe to be true and start to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Virgo is a sign of nature and natural health and immunity, so could also bring more information about natural solutions around health and immunity, sensible plans that work. Mercury in Virgo is about listening to the body and unwinding by being in nature. Connecting to flowers, trees and the earth can be a way of reducing stress and anxiety.

There is also a lofty grand trine in Air signs between Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and the north node emphasizing justice, human rights and rising above emotional manipulation. It also supports harmony and cooperation in relationships and can be helpful for negotiation and resolution.

We can make the most of this buoyant energy and hold our nerve, while placing our focus firmly on what we are creating and the emergence of the New Earth way of living.

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