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Being the heroine or hero

Mars made the big move into dynamic Aries yesterday and will burn through this sign for 6 months instead of the usual 6 weeks. This year it has a long retrograde period from 9th September until 14th November.

Mars is fired up in its own sign of Aries and brings energy and constructive, productive action. This ignites a fighting spirit, a time when we can really be the heroine or hero in our lives, especially those with Aries or fire signs featured strongly in their charts.

Activism is indicated during this 6-month period and the Aries / Capricorn clash points to the individual standing up successfully against the forces of dictatorial control. However, we need to look deeper and be more sophisticated, rather than assuming that the control originates in a particular political party, economic system or even politician.

Mars is within orb of wounded healer Chiron for the whole of July and its influence will be particularly intense between 5th and 14th July which is likely to indicate action and activism as a result of wounding or damage. The lunar eclipse on the 5th at 5.44 am BST has the Sun and Mercury in protective, family orientated Cancer, sign of the mother.

This morning I’ve come across two different situations involving mothers of vaccine damaged children who are of course both outraged and informed. In the light of the Astrology and the crazy threat of a possible mandatory vaccine I feel we will be hearing more powerful, articulate activists defending their children and indeed all human rights over the coming months.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is about birth and existence, so the journey of Mars through Aries brings a quality of fighting for human existence. It’s also the sign of the pioneer so there will many more parents stepping out of the system and choosing to create their own alternative systems of education based on the principles of nature, freedom and respect.

The Sun at the time of the eclipse on 5th July is conjunct Sirius, star of Isis and goddess of renewal, bringing an Egyptian link. With the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and because it’s a south node eclipse we’re in a phase of releasing fear, resistance and dismantling systems of control. Collectively we need to make the journey from judgement and polarity to the kindness and care displayed in the sign of Cancer. In any moment of being triggered we may want to ask ourselves does my reaction come from fear or from love?

The fine art is of course to maintain our frequency and divine neutrality while being discerning, empowered and actively participating in this collective evolution and this is what the Astrology is calling us to do.

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