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Being the Magician

As far as I am aware, there’s no linguistic connection between the Italian word for ‘rats’ or ‘sorci’ and the word ‘sorceror’ although I find the similarity interesting.

In Chinese Astrology 2020 was the year of the Rat and we had many interesting linguistic reflections of this. Many of us ‘smelled a rat’ and people were encouraged to ‘rat on’ or report their neighbours when they saw them break the rules. Many people have felt they are being treated like lab rats being experimented on with a medical intervention that has dubious efficacy and comes with high risks.

More recently Italian politicians are attempting to use shame to coerce compliance and have been quoted as saying that the people who refuse to accept the medical tyranny will have to stay at home like ‘rats’ or ‘sorci’. The latest announcement is that anyone who is employed will be coerced into giving in or else lose their jobs.

People’s reactions vary from horror to bemusement, discouragement to determination to resist at all costs. Most people rightly conclude that no job is worth the possible sacrifice of your health or even your life. The concept of sacrifice is a bit glorified in Italy. Giving into something to you have decided you don’t want is being inverted by politicians and being called ‘an act of love’.

If we look at it that darkness in some way serves the light (at least ultimately) we could feel that on a spiritual level we are being encouraged to shrug off and resist these desperate attempts to manipulate. Instead we are being encouraged to work with energy, frequency and intention to become the sorcerer or magical avatar.

In Colour Mirrors, the array of colour bottles I work with, we have the olive bottle number 15 'the Magician' which is about hope for the future, feminine goddess power and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Interesting how olives are an important natural resource in Italy and the ever-changing weather creates beautiful rainbows every now and again. Also interesting that in Italy the pass that those who are willing to work may need to show is due to begin on the 15th October.

Another synchronicity is that I did a Colour and Astrology reading for someone yesterday who has his brilliantly aspected Sun in Aquarius, sign of the Magician, and he happens to be making an important journey on the 15th October. He talked about how he tends to create magic around himself, how he wants to create his vision for the future and I showed him this bottle 15.

Olive is about allowing the fear held in the yellow of our solar plexus and the pain held in the green of our hearts to surface, transforming and combining these energies to create the new. The colour olive is about letting go of justifiable resentment, bitterness or suppressed anger and in fact could make you feel a bit queasy! But it’s about transforming this into an energy that is full of creativity, growth and newness.

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