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Dancing in the Dark

We’re all dancing in the dark. In this mysterious, elusive and sometimes deceptive Scorpio season so much remains to be fully revealed. On the 9th November the asteroid goddess Ceres moved into Pisces and we can find self-nurturing and healing through forgiveness and unity. Thankfully there aren’t many more days of darkness and by the middle of November we have a huge planetary shift, bringing a collective storm to cleanse the air and tear down the veil that covers the darkness. On the 12th we have the final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto shining the light on sovereignty, empowerment and authority.

On the 14th Mars in warrior Aries is stationary in the sky, so increasing its firepower and force. On the 14th and 15th the Sun makes a flowing connection to the Jupiter Pluto conjunction bringing dynamism and a gathering of power and reserves. On the 15th Mars moves direct, creating an effective pushback and force for change. People with the warrior planet Mars strongly placed in their chart will feel this energy strongly and be able to draw on its support.

On the 15th at 5.06am we have the New Moon at 23 18 Scorpio, the deepest and most transformative sign. The ‘Sabian Symbol’ or image for this degree of the zodiac is: ‘Crowds coming down the mountain to listen’, pointing to people listening or taking note from inspired individuals. The intuitively wise and truly spiritually aware among us will be open to listen to speeches at rallies or to other powerful forms of communication. The Scorpio energy can also be about moving through a dark night of the soul. We may need to explore and forgive our past conditioning and the dark structures and systems that have controlled us. Or to consider where we got our information from and whether we gave away our power and inner authority to these sources of information.

The asteroid goddess Juno of sacred union and equal partnership is close by giving us the opportunity to move towards true divine feminine power, our in-tuition, our knowing and our heart. The chart for this New Moon has a Libran emphasis pointing to the law, balance and divine justice. On the 17th November we have the final opposition between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus, bringing further revelations and twists and turns in the story from the Scorpio basement. There will be a sense of awakening from a kind of hypnotism or collective spell.

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