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Discernment and doorways of reality

The Full Moon at 10 Pisces at 6.21am BST this morning is conjunct Neptune, bringing an otherworldly, dreamy quality. However, it may also bring up sadness or a longing to escape to an easier, softer reality. We may feel undermined and overwhelmed or the collective task ahead of us may bring up these feelings. We may see misunderstanding or confusion around us. Perhaps there are issues around victimization and weakness or we may see this mirrored in the public arena. In the positive Pisces is about unity and compassion. We feel acutely.

The Sun in Virgo encourages us to use our discernment and take concrete action one step at a time. Sun and Mercury in Virgo is about research, preparation and keeping it simple. In the last sign of the zodiac this is a full moon of completion and tying up loose ends. We may be asked to release romantic relationships once and for all. It also emphasizes detoxing, purifying our energy and our intentions. With a creative trine to Uranus we can create new patterns of behavior, come up with brilliant solutions and carve out new pathways.

The Pisces – Virgo energy is about shape-shifting, moving through doorways of reality. When events appear to be going awry, perhaps we’re on the point of a breakthrough. It’s about trusting that everything is perfect.

The south node continues to be close to the galactic centre in Sagittarius. We’re drawing on the wisdom of past lives, our inner sense of what is true to us, that knowing that hits the bull’s eye of our heart. With the north node in Gemini we’re being called to express our truth, to distill our wisdom so that it can be understood by everyone.

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