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The Goddess Awakens

In this 9th month of completion we have the sense that collectively we’re at the end of a huge evolutionary cycle. Pluto’s long-running square to the nodal axis is intense and brings inevitable change, choices and karmic completion.

And yet some of the less well-known cosmic bodies are sending out strong signals that we are simultaneously birthing the new with many of the Asteroid goddesses at 0 degrees of their sign.

Pallas Athene, goddess of wisdom, is now at 0 Libra, promising a new cycle that will bring more balance, harmony and divine justice. Vesta, the Priestess who keeps the inner fires alight, has softened into 0 Cancer, such a heart-centered, sympathetic and feeling sign. And Sedna, the Dwarf Planet who in her myth was betrayed by the patriarchal energy, is also at 0 degrees of a sign, in her case Gemini, bringing in solutions, freedom and flexibility. And then tomorrow Ceres, goddess of mothering and unconditional love, dives deep into the transformative emotional waters at 0 Scorpio.

While we’ve entered a phase of delicate new beginnings that need to be nurtured, the planetary symbolism suggests regeneration and growth.

These Asteroids and Dwarf Planets open us up to new cosmic energies and expanded consciousness, representing the emergence of the divine feminine in men as well as women. The Goddess truly is awakening and the colours in this Colour Mirrors Gaia bottle G6 ‘the Goddess Awakens’ invite us to nurture our hope and transmute any stuck feelings in the olive green while grounding our power in the copper. Olive green and copper combined create New Earth.

Our integration of the divine feminine energies is also suggested by Venus walking hand-in-hand with Juno, the Asteroid of Sacred Union. She emerged from her retrograde experience on the 3rd September and is newly emboldened and confident in the sovereign sign of Leo.

The New Moon at 21 58 Virgo at 2.39 UK tomorrow morning the 15th invites us to purify, de-toxify and discern. While the opposition to Neptune may lead us astray, deceive or confuse, it can also encourage us to blend mind and heart and focus on our dreams come true.

Mercury is stationary at 8 Virgo at the New Moon turning direct later in the day and brings mixed messages. With the opposition to Saturn, weakened in Pisces, we may see-saw between clarity and doubt. But we know deep within ourselves that resistance is futile and that the end result is the same, whatever twists and turns there may be on our evolutionary journey.

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