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Dreaming it into Being

The total solar eclipse is fast approaching and drawing us into its upsweep of creativity and ascension, becoming exact on Saturday 4th December at 7.42 am GMT. In Sagittarius, sign of hope and buoyancy, it will hopefully go some way towards restoring our spirits. This is about active imagination and dreamtime and we can reclaim the highest expression of this energy instead of being pulled down into the eye of the storm.

At 12 degrees 21 the solar eclipse connects exactly with a point in the cosmos called the Great Attractor, an energy swirl that pulls everything around it into its orbit. We can also embody the energy of the Great Attractor at this time, gathering with like-spirited people and those who are receptive to our message of awakening. We may find others are attracted to our way of being or a sense that being in our space is like stepping into a higher dimension.

A solar eclipse is like a supercharged New Moon and this is a perfect time to set an intention for your future and for our birthing of the New Earth, knowing that the divine child is growing in the womb chalice of humanity. We’re downloading the energy to anchor the new world and may need to rest more than usual as we integrate this cosmic force and original creator energy.

Truth bombs may be exploding all over the place, but like the archer we may need to keep our arrow focused on our goals and purpose. The solar eclipse is absolutely exact on the Ascendant of the U.S. ( = US collective consciousness). This is highly unusual and significant. It represents a truthful blast from the past, the great reveal, a redefinition of the country in some way and the effects will ripple on for years.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and this delicate and subtle coral bottle is Jupiter in the Colour Mirrors system. In the negative, coral can be about can be about vulnerability and abuse. We may be rocked and shocked, but if we can maintain our balance and innocence this time can also bring a sense of delicate beauty and sweet connection. Expressed on a higher level, coral is about anchoring a solid sense of self-love, self-worth and self-belief, so we can activate the magical, divine child within. And we do this knowing that the healing we create within ourselves ripples out to the world and in fact our own energetic transformation may be one of our most powerful ways of serving.

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