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Embodying the Energy of the Sacred Warrior

Tomorrow’s Full Moon on Sunday March 28th at 18.48 GMT brings an intense and dynamic energy and will represent a turning point in terms of the collective awakening. The Moon is at 8 Libra opposite the Sun, Chiron and Venus all exact in 8 degrees Aries, and this heightens tension and conflict in the legal and political arenas, bringing issues of fairness, balance, justice and human rights to the forefront.

On the 26th the Sun made its exact conjunction with Venus emphasizing and supporting relationships and this influence ripples on for some weeks. This helps us to understand other people’s points of view and it can also be about balancing one’s own personal choices and needs with the demands of a partnership or group. Having the Moon in Libra encourages us meet others halfway, but we also have to ensure we are not allowing ourselves to be pushed too far and so betraying our inner knowing, soul truth and human nature in a way that is out of balance or even beyond repair. More positively this could be a time of divine union, when relationships shift up a gear and become closer.

The Sun is also conjunct Chiron in Aries and righteous anger and pain could be triggered at this time as we are pushed to boiling point. We are being asked to connect with and express strong emotions and this dynamic energy and vital life force can help us to embody the energy of the sacred warrior.

The Aries – Libra polarity is about how our own personal choices and our ability to push back and stand up for what is our divine right serves the greater good and the ultimate goal towards unification on a collective level. We are all connected and this is the Full Moon of I AM – WE ARE.

Yesterday Mars in Gemini also reached the north node and during these days there will be a continued push to reveal truth with a plethora of information coming at us from all sides. Finally, the planetary focus on the 6th house part of the chart for the Full Moon emphasizes health, routine and fitness and encourages us to bring enthusiasm and renewed energy to these areas of our lives.

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