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Golden Brown - Texture like Sun

In this autumn time we can bring our golden power into ourselves so we can radiate our sovereign being out in a relaxed, empowered way. Even though we may have deep concerns about the collective situation and the attitudes shown by some, we can trust in the power of Spirit and the good heartedness of many. Grounded, supported and nourished we are a more effective force for change and awakening. We can re-frame this whole situation in our minds and start to view it as a grand opportunity for collective awakening. Simple, natural living with trust in our own healing powers is our gateway to the New Earth.

Mercury is now stationary in Scorpio, turning retrograde on the 15th October all the way through till the release point of 4th November. We’re in a deep phase of cleansing, release and deconstruction of beliefs and programming. It’s like a rescue mission within the tunnels of our mind. Mercury’s opposition to Uranus could bring surprise revelations, disclosure of hidden secrets and evolution of consciousness. It may dawn on some people how they have projected their shadow energy on to other people. We may become more acutely aware of media manipulation and how we have been influenced and drawn in through emotive situations or pictures. People may get more confused, distrusting real revelations, news or statistics because they are so extreme and contrary to what they had believed. During this time, we can anticipate that the relentless pressure might increase and we can detach to take care of our own energy for a while.

Mercury in Scorpio is about mind power. Energy follows thought and we can use the power of our mind creatively to focus on what we would like to create. What does the New Earth mean to us and how do we see ourselves living in the future?

On the 4th November we’ll emerge out of this Mercury retrograde time of initiation and transition as changed people and these words come to mind: ‘Remember, remember the 5th November’. ‘Bonfire night’ in the UK is the time of gathering in communities by the fire to burn the ‘guy’, symbol of the revolutionary Guy Falkes who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

This year the heated combination of Mars retrograde in Aries clashing with the hard resistance of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn brings out the rebel in us and will lead to some explosive revelations or situations. We could work with this polarised impasse on an energetic level by visualizing the walls of resistance dissolving with ease and grace.

This is a time of justice, balance, law and karmic redress with the Sun in Libra being opposed by Mars in Aries and the New Supermoon at 23 Libra this Friday 16th October is a key crux point. The Sabian symbol or image for this degree of the zodiac is: ‘a 3rd wing on the left side of a butterfly’ perhaps a sign to keep our energy and information in balance, but also an indication of how just one subtle change can ripple out and have a huge influence. In chaos theory the ‘butterfly effect’ is about the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a very small shift can create a significantly different outcome.

Maybe this is a time of recognizing that even if we’re up against a brick wall, we can re-direct our energy in the glorious realization that even subtle shifts can have an amazing impact.

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