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Homeward bound with Haumea

Earth Goddess and dwarf planet Haumea is playing a role in our current Astrology as she’s contributing to the deep, transformational Scorpio energy and gives us some guidance about how to respond.

She’s been squaring Pluto within a few degrees all year. Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio, has been grasping on to power in the last few degrees of old-school Capricorn until it makes the leap into Aquarius on March 23rd 2023. Deep Blue bottle 23 in the Colour Mirrors system is called Initiation so that’s a key theme for 2023.

In just a couple of days on the 13th November Haumea moves into Scorpio for a 27-year journey through this empowering, emotional energy. Scorpio is an uncompromising, insightful sign that feels what’s really going on.

The Astrology of Haumea connects to fertility and a love of the natural world. This archetype points to a profound connection to Nature and Source, so this is where our power lies.

This planetary archetype represents the ability to triumph over adversity by drawing upon inner reserves of strength and natural wisdom, the instinctual urge to survive at any cost. The placement of Haumea in the natal chart points to a source of inner strength, flexibility and spiritual connection.

In myth Haumea was creation goddess of the volcanic islands of Hawaii. She represents fertility and her skill at childbirth is described in many stories. Children sprang from different parts of her body, Hi'iaka from her mouth and Namaka from her breasts.

She also possessed a magic stick from the Makalei tree that would enable her to conjure up fish and other delicious things to eat, and so she’s associated with a never-ending food supply. She also has the power of eternal youth. With each birth she was destroyed, but then she was able to re-create herself.

The lunar eclipse on 8th November 11.02 UK time at 16 Taurus – Scorpio and its effects will ripple on for months or even years. The Moon is conjunct Uranus, so it may feel unstable, like a bit of a roller coaster. If ever there is a time to expect the unexpected, it’s now! Interesting the US midterm elections are taking place on this day.

The fixed energy and the squares to Saturn bring resistance, a stand-off and the desire to control the outcome of situations, but the Uranian energy pushes for a break down to break through. It has to be said that both Pluto and Haumea have a volcanic theme. Meanwhile we can stay as neutral as possible and witness the transition.

Connecting to the energy of Haumea brings a sense of hope, support and regeneration. Her invitation is for humanity to develop our magical and manifestation abilities, to re-claim the power of ritual as a force for the divine, especially if she’s emphasising key parts of our birth charts.

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