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Ignorance is not Bliss - Beginning Times

Astrologically this time is about the breakdown of the old along with a release of entrenched patterns and resistance. We had the Saturn Pluto conjunction on 12 January and have four planets grouped tightly together in Capricorn: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This combination represents hard reality, endings, boundaries and tough action. On a collective level we need to work harder than we ever have on not falling into negativity, judgement or fear. In the positive Capricorn is strength, mastery and focusing on what is most essential.

In contrast to this the Sun and Neptune float through Pisces, sign of no boundaries, bringing the energy of diffusion and confusion - with the promise of unity, compassion and surrender. This was heightened at the time of the Virgo Full Moon on 9 March, with the Virgo / Pisces opposition urging health and hygiene, sacrifice and practicality. The following day messenger planet Mercury turned direct in unpredictable Aquarius and the Italian government made the shock announcement of the total lockdown of the whole of Italy. In combination Capricorn and Pisces could be about retreat and carry the energy of the hermit, so lockdown could be considered a positive expression of the Capricorn energy although the control brings up a strong sense of fear and restriction too.

Perhaps on a collective level we need to rest and go inwards, open our crown chakra / corona to source or spirit and reflect on our habits, traditions and assumptions, as a way to create change and focus on a positive vision for the future. This is a collective call to step up and we may want to consider how we have tampered with nature and the impact of technological development on health. 18 March could be a challenging day with the Moon passing over the group of Capricorn planets and we need to keep our vibration and spirits high as we navigate these times of crisis.

On 20 March the Sun burns into Aries, marking the spring equinox and bringing courage, action and a new cycle. The heavy influence of the Capricorn planets should lift to some extent on 22 March when Saturn cracks open into Aquarius, bringing a chink or even a blast of angelic light.

On 24 March we have the New Moon conjunct Chiron, planetoid of healing, fighting for fitness in Aries. This could represent some significant development in terms of international cooperation and hopefully could mark a turning point when we begin to get some traction against the virus. We can place our focus on the north node in Cancer: heart energy, taking care of ourselves and family. This New Moon is likely to go along with the expression of justified anger, though it may be best not to rail too much against those who have the thankless task of having to deal with a near impossible situation.

On 31 March Mars joins Saturn in Aquarius and events shift up a gear, bringing endurance and determined, radical action. On 5 April Jupiter and Pluto meet and the positive expression of this could be empowerment, re-birth, somehow getting to grips with navigating through the dark. This also marks a time of taking personal responsibility and independent action, rather than feeling that someone else or the government will tell us what to do and solve the problem. There’s a time to be meek and follow the rules and a moment to fight for the future.

We need to take responsibility for what we allow into our bodies, our personal space, our reality and our world. Easier said than done of course, but every step is a step in the right direction.

This image is of fractal geometry and describes the unpredictable, lifting the veil on the hidden beauty of the world.

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