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It's Official - Saturn is in Pisces!

While we witness the collapse of the story we’ve been told, some of which may in fact be distraction and diversion from the deeper underlying issues, our focus is to re-connect with the magic and power we may have felt years ago. Where anything is possible and where we feel that life is a glorious, vibrant adventure, instantaneously responding to the high energy we vibrate.

Today’s dynamic and volatile Full Moon in Virgo is a call for cleansing and forgiveness. The Sabian Symbol or image for the degree of the Full Moon is ‘a volcanic eruption’. The creative link to Uranus brings a ‘controlled demolition’ theme and the Virgo – Pisces axis is about clarity, discernment and healing.

It’s immensely significant that Saturn slides into Pisces the very same day for a 2-year journey until May 2025. This has so many potential expressions and subtle meanings, many of which will emerge over this time. Themes will include dissolving resistance, attempts to side-step responsibility, absolving guilt and a call to release judgement.

It’s an invitation to consider ‘what else is possible’ and to make a concerted effort to ground our energy, anchor our projects, receive the blessings, even open to miracles. This could represent a portal to a fairy-tale world.

Re-connecting with and trusting the innate goodness of human nature will help us navigate this time more smoothly. As I write this one of my neighbours rings my doorbell to give me some gorgeous mimosa flowers for International Women’s Day tomorrow.

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