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Lights, Camera, Action

Planet of awakening Uranus turned direct on Wednesday 14th bringing a huge energy shift and insisting we make the collective leap in consciousness after spinning the wheels backwards over the last five months. Today on the 17th January Jupiter throws open the door to high vibe Uranus, ramping up the energy and tipping over the tables of resistance, greed and 3D density in our collective temple.

The Jack-in-the-box of free speech will insist on bursting out and the voices of reason and truth will carry on making waves, as Mercury travels through crystal-clear Aquarius between the 8th January and the 16th March. The revelations will be shocking and disturbing for some, but for many of us they bring clarity and blessed relief, as our intuitive guidance continues to be confirmed.

With the Moon firing on all cylinders in Aries for the next couple of days we can anticipate fast-moving action and a roller coaster of emotion. The warrior planet Mars moved into earthy Taurus on the 6th January after 6 months of protest, anger and outrage in Aries. Usually one would expect a more settled, stable energy with this transition, but Mars is forming a conjunction to unpredictable Uranus, bringing unexpected developments and extraordinary reversals and becoming exact on the 20th.

The astrology is very wild and free now and the focus on Aquarius and Uranus is about power to the people, justice and human rights. The people’s patience with irrational rules and systems of control is wearing thin and the old paradigm is crumbling after the transformative New Moon conjunct Pluto on the 13th. We can step into freedom and living our own unique potential, freer of karmic and collective restriction than we have ever been in this lifetime.

Sadly in some parts of the world the fear programming through the media has gone deep and will take some time to unravel. For some the mists of confusion and misinformation will start to clear towards the end of January, once Neptune completes the square to the nodal axis in Gemini and Sagittarius, signs of communication and truth.

Neptune in Pisces is a gift in terms of blending the hard edges of the polarities and the consciousness split, helping us to surrender and let go of the need to control or be right. We can only do so much and everyone is responsible for their own individual choices. We may be tired, emotional and a bit ragged round the edges, but we’re on the home stretch now. We can focus on keeping our frequency high, nurturing and being kind to ourselves after making it through a marathon of a year.

This new year of 20-21 is the year of the Key and now the keys are being returned to humanity. The on-going theme of the year is the challenge between Saturn and Uranus, the old and the new, control versus freedom, the material and the cosmic. It’s up to each of us to be discerning and empowered sovereign beings as best as we can in our individual situation. We can turn our faces to the sun and continue to build New Earth through a determined focus on simplicity, community and beauty.

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