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Newly Wise

We’re dancing in the eye of the storm. New revelations arrive one after the other. We’re having to adjust to a chaotic world situation and as truth seers we might feel we’re walking on eggshells. We’re moving through the intensity of this summer’s eclipse cycle at least and today’s New Moon at 18.33 BST in its own sign of watery Cancer is about protecting our energy, cultivating the divine feminine and surrounding ourselves in the nurturing, nourishing energy of the mother. The focus is on nesting, home, family and children, being in our own bubble.

The New Moon at 28 Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn points to a savvy, tough, restrictive quality and the need for boundaries to reflect back judgement. We’re becoming wise to the world and hold the clear intention at this New Moon manifestation time that the structures created to perpetuate evil will be dismantled. Saturn in Capricorn is about karmic release, cleansing and self-responsibility and at this Cancer New Moon we break free from emotional restrictions and dependencies to begin a new cycle.

The magical ‘day out of time’ is fast approaching on the 25th July, the day before New Year’s day in the Mayan calendar, and a day to reflect on and learn from the events of the past year. It also brings the lead-in to the powerful ‘Lion’s Gate’ on the 8 / 8, a time to be especially conscious to keep our frequency high to be receptive to the incoming energies.

The comet with the wonderful and blessed name of Neowise is now bright enough to be seen in the evening sky in the north west and will be closest to the Earth on the 22nd. Symbolically this represents new consciousness and knowledge coming to the Earth and on a collective level many are becoming ‘newly wise’.

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