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Our transition from G8 to G20

Recently the G8 group of countries met in Cornwall and now this weekend the G20 group of countries are meeting in Roma – Amor. In the Colour Mirrors array of colours, we have G8 and G20 bottles, colours and messages so I feel drawn to share these at this key transitional moment.

When the G8 meeting took place on the key point on the Michael ley line in Cornwall I was staying with a friend in the area. People remarked on the mysterious mist that arose at that time. Astrologically this was reflective of Neptune in Pisces square the nodal axis in Gemini – Sagittarius at that time, suggesting some confusion and misinformation. As yet many have been in the dark, or under a collective spell, the inversion of the name of the G8 bottle: Illumination.

Here is Melissie Jolly’s message for G8, Illumination, deep magenta, colour of divine love:

“This bottle is the darkest of the entire range. It supports you as you go into the heart of darkness in your subconscious and begin to feel the warmth and depth of the love that exists there. This is the seat of all potential. It is the moment when sleep finally overtakes you. The void. The place of dreams. This bottle is called Illumination, as it is only by going into the darkness and embracing it that you have the potential to step into the light. As you accept your shadow, you release your fears and judgements about the unspeakable that you hold within. This bottle brings to light the unhelpful beliefs and judgements you have been holding about your physical body and supports you in transforming them. It helps clear your genetic line of the physical, emotional and karmic patterns you have inherited. The ‘sins’ of the fathers can no longer be visited on the children once the past darkness has been illuminated.”

“As you face your shadow, you can move beyond it to a place where you create a reality based on the light rather than the dark. Everything you have in your life exists because you created it, albeit unconsciously. Now is the time to become a conscious creator and focus on what you truly wish to create – and this bottle is the ultimate support. Let it help you clear unconscious blocks and return to clarity so that you can claim your absolute magnificence.”

Now we have the G20 meeting in Roma – Amor taking place over this All Saints Day weekend of transformation and depth when the veils are transparent, and miracles happen. This is also the Celtic festival of Samhain, when we let go and release ancestral patterns and energy. There’s a beautiful spiritual movement evolving in Italy and many groups are holding special gatherings, meditations or concerts to bring in the light. On a 3D level of reality, we are being squeezed of course, although in the end this only brings in more consciousness and light.

Years ago, I was on a workshop and we were on the point of finalising on the sale of our house in Devon. I had asked the solicitor to only ring me if there was a problem. While we were lying down and doing a meditation on G20 Abode of Bliss the phone rang next door and the owner of the venue came in, interrupted the meditation and said there was a telephone call for me! It was my solicitor telling me we had just exchanged contracts. Just a couple of weeks later we moved out and spent a few weeks renting a house from a friend called ‘Joy’ (bliss) before moving to Italy for the first time.

And Melissie Jolly’s message for G20, the Abode of Bliss, a delicate platinum and pale green bottle

“The delicate colours of this bottle help remove old energies of persecution and sibling rivalry, bringing in an awakening that is like the newest spring rebirth you could possibly imagine. The 'Abode of Bliss' is the meeting point of head and heart, spirit and matter, human and Divine. This bottle represents the enlightened heart of humanity, where every human heart connects with every other human heart and the heart of the planet.”

“It asks you to keep your feet firmly planted on the earth, while also recognising that you are a vast Divine being – so much more than your body or your mind. As you embrace the fullness of who you are and walk that energy around the planet, you change the planet. Tap into the bliss at the heart of Gaia and spread that light wherever you go. This is the time for the awakening of humanity and the creation of a blissful new earth.”

We are creating New Earth in every moment by connecting heart-to-heart, connecting with our guides and source and simply by being here now.

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