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Shine On!

The Leo energy is starting to be felt with the Sun burning in its own sign of Leo and Venus also in Leo from the 28th July. This brings strong heart energy, creativity, romance and love. It’s time for us to follow our heart’s desire and joy above all else. This is about royalty, shining bright in our own authentic power and flamboyant expression. Time to drop the status quo benchmarks, rules and social conditioning.

On the 1st August we have the New Moon at 8 37 Leo. This is also a Supermoon, meaning close to the Earth and having a stronger effect on both us and the tides. It’s widely trine Jupiter and square to Uranus, bringing a dynamic, creative, unpredictable energy. To make the most of this heart fire energy we could look at where this New Moon lands in our own chart and what house is being emphasised. With Mercury stationary it’s a time of releasing karmic threads, karmic contracts and ancestral memories.

The following day on the 2nd August Mercury stations direct at 23 59 Cancer, making it easier to put plans into action and launch our new ventures into the world.

This period comes after a series of potent and transformative eclipses, including the turning point of the Capricorn lunar eclipse. This has the feeling of packing our bags and leaving the old. This involved planning and coming home to ourselves in an informed and organised way.

We’re also breaking through the impasse of past behaviour patterns and society’s conditioning. This may be being brought to our attention in an exaggerated way to show us how we need to change. Best not overreact in a negative way perhaps triggered by our own issues or experience, but simply hold the energy for release and forgiveness. Many people have been feeling very tired while we navigate this profound shift.

On the 26th July we had the galactic New Year marked by the rising of the star Sirius, entering a year of the White Magnetic Wizard, the shaman, the heart seer! We’re building up to the Lion’s Gateway on the 8th August, which every year brings a surge of light and potential.

The period around the middle of August looks dynamic and should bring another big shift in energy. For the whole month Jupiter is sitting on a point called the Great Attractor, highlighting opportunity, magnetism and growth. Jupiter expands what it touches so for those who are receptive this could activate higher consciousness and bring streams of spiritual energy. This point is a vast black hole, larger than the Galactic Centre.

On the 11th August Jupiter stations direct at 14 30 Sagittarius marking a turning point. The following day on the 12th August Mercury roars into Leo, highlighting communication with style and flair. That day Uranus also stations retrograde at 6 36 Taurus, so there could even be something of a surprise in store.

On a collective level we’re building up to the big conjunction between Saturn and Pluto on the 13th Jan 2020 at 22 47 Capricorn. The precursor is the lunar eclipse on the 10th at 20 Cancer. Ultimately this is about the dismantling of corrupt power structures and control, symbolically stepping away from the ‘men in grey suits’.

This process can be disconcerting and bring up some fear as we wonder what the changes may mean. If you’re being triggered by what’s going on collectively, there may be something to heal or pay attention to within yourself. We can take action to protest about what is harmful to human life, while sending positive, supportive energy and good vibes to those who have stepped forward to help in the collective shift. And create the intention for this awakening to happen with as much ease and grace as possible.

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