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Onwards and Upwards

The Sun romps away in Sagittarius over the next few weeks and could bring up a desire for the open road, adventure and change. But ruler Jupiter now newly anchored in Capricorn is helping to settle and ground the energy and we can breathe a sigh of relief.

The strong emphasis on Capricorn is about claiming our personal authority. Capricorn is the most earth-based of all the signs, bringing realism and the need to get to grips with guilt while releasing any tendency to judge.

Mercury is now direct in Scorpio, highlighting insight, perceptiveness and the ability to make wise assessments. The trick is how to do this without judging, as this just keeps us trapped in a lower vibration of righteousness.

Restrictive patriarchal energy is brought to light so we can release outdated patterns and control. Sometimes we may feel we don’t have much influence on how power is exercised out in the world. However we can bring the power back to us, by putting the focus on our own reality and letting the energy ripple out from there.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is gradually tightening up to become exact at the turning point of January 12th. This is about paring down, karmic clearing and the resolution of family patterns, collective control and inequalities.

We can focus our energy on the north node in Cancer at this time, to flow, relax and nurture ourselves to soften this rather harsh collective energy.

We have a buoyant Full Moon in Gemini coming up on December 12th that propels us onwards and upwards. The higher vibrational image or Sabian symbol for 20 Gemini is ‘a restaurant displaying an abundance of food’, suggesting we may need to choose carefully from the array of possibilities on offer. This is a time to keep our vibration high, focus on our most positive vision for the future and trust that there is an overarching plan, even if this appears to pan out in a way that is contrary to our personal wishes.

The solar eclipse on Boxing Day brings a purposeful and dynamic energy with the Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn and Mars on the Ascendant of the chart. If we have planned well this is a time for real expansion and a leap forward.

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