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Turning the Tables – Leading up to January 2020

We’re travelling through intense yet productive times as we build up to the momentous conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12th 2020. This combination of planetary energies is about establishing ground rules and building a new foundation that can stand the test of time.

It’s about self-empowerment and being our own authority. Only we know what is right for us. By claiming our own freedom and by being our own authority on an individual level, we facilitate the same process for the collective.

The strong, transformative Scorpio energy with Venus, Mercury and asteroid Pallas Athene in Scorpio is like journeying deep into a tunnel. Although deep issues are being uncovered, we can choose make light of what’s taking place personally and collectively. It’s possible for emotional issues and reactions to be triggered and released instantaneously.

Trust in ourselves, trust in the collective transition and trust that we are being guided on a spiritual level is essential during these times.

Tonight’s empowering and energising Aries Full Moon at 22.07 GMT is about being assertive rather than controlling. While we can’t control what other people decide or do, we can set our own boundaries and draw the line to avoid being manipulated or victimized. It’s about focusing on our main priorities and standing firm on those. By empowering ourselves in this way we’re turning the tables and walking away from playing the game.

The Full Moon is being supported by a conjunction between Jupiter and Ceres in upbeat Sagittarius. This is about being nurtured by our faith. It’s the positivity and the ebullience that can enable us to ride the wave of the new into an expanded world.

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