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Two 2's facing each other make a heart

So here we are at the 22.2.22, a potent gateway and an opportunity to hold our intention on what we are creating in our own lives and the world we wish to live in, one of many steps on the stairway to New Earth. This line of two’s forms a wave of energy, a visual image of the inevitable force of awakening as we build up to the conjunction on the 12th April between Jupiter and Neptune, two planetary giants merging in watery Pisces and potentially creating a spiritual tsunami.

Two twos facing each other make a heart and we are being called to stay in our heart, even if events taking place around the world rock and shock us into justifiable outrage. 2 is about partnership, divine union, twin soul reconnection, two becoming one and the healing of division and discrimination. Sometimes the situation we absolutely don’t want has to be put in front of our faces, so we can really see it and withdraw our consent.

By interesting coincidence, the great USA’s first Pluto return since 1776 becomes exact today so we can expect news to EMERGE from there as the perceived EMERGE – GENCY to the north spills over the border. It’s in the second house of the Astrology chart for the US so the areas of life that may be affected include the economic system, banks, the stock market and goods supply. Pluto moves very slowly, and the effects of this transit have been rumbling for a year or so and will continue for at least year or so. This is a collapse of the old order and we’re all going on a deep transformative journey to reclaim our power and our soul.

We’re also building towards the New Moon in 12 Pisces on the 2nd March. We’re dreaming it into being and with Mercury and Saturn together in Aquarius at this time we have to be responsible for our actions, how we direct our thoughts and the words we say. Judgement and restriction can alienate and have knock-on effects on the supply of goods and commerce.

The Sabian Symbol or image for 12 Pisces is the ‘Sword in the Stone’ and represents our power and the ancestral power we can call in. As individuals and as a human collective we draw on all our resources and like King Arthur we pull the sword out of the stone. Our power lies within, not without. Sometimes a situation may arise that calls on us to step up our personal power and strength of character while others stand back and watch in a moment of appreciative wonder.

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