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So, the 4 4 4 today (4th April 2020) and a few days ago someone chose Colour Mirrors bottle number 4 as her first choice in a sequence in a Colour and Astrology reading. It’s the bottle representing the planet Uranus and the message is all about clearing away everything that doesn’t fit into the golden age of Aquarius. In numerology 4 is about finding stability and solid ground. We have the 4 directions in the Medicine wheel and the 4th dimension is the bridge to the 5th.

This is about moving through the fear held in the yellow to reach a more empowered place and shine in the gold. We will need to release stuck patterns at this time, whatever it is that’s coming up for us. The enlightened version of 4 is bottle 28 called New Beginnings with its connection to Atlantis. Turquoise is about flow, trust and subtle changes, honouring our vulnerability at this time. It’s also connected to the higher heart and the thymus gland which supports the immune system.

We’ve just had the shift of Mars and Saturn into Aquarius and the energy resonance on a collective level has lightened from the density of all the planets in Capricorn. These two planets work as keys so that we can unlock our gifts and energy by going within and appreciate this time of pause and spiritual connection.

Here is Melissie Jolly’s message for bottle 4 Uranus:

“This planet signifies change and disruption of the old order. It is time to clear everything that no longer serves you and let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth. This is the planet of the future and is about clearing everything that will not fit into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Expect the unexpected.”

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